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Angelina Jolie had an affair with Lady Gaga


Angelina Jolie had an affair with Lady Gaga


Reports have surfaced that actress Angelina Jolie has had an affair with pop star Lady Gaga, leading to the end of Jolie’s marriage to Brad Pitt.

According to Ian Halperin, author of the book “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,” a source close to the actress revealed that Jolie and Gaga had a secret rendezvous that lasted all night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

The source also claimed that Jolie is “obsessed” with Lady Gaga.

Jolie has been open about her sexuality and is known to be bisexual, while Lady Gaga has been rumored to be a hermaphrodite and has hinted in the past that she is open to sexual relationships with both men and women.

This is not the first cheating rumor to have surfaced about Jolie and Pitt in recent times.

Earlier this week, a housekeeper named Anna Kowalski alleged that Jolie had been having an affair with one of the dialect coaches on the set of her movie “Salt.”


Kowalski claimed that she had walked in on Jolie’s room and found her bed covered in various sex toys, leading her to believe that the actress and dialect coach were having an affair.

It is unclear whether Pitt was aware of Jolie’s affairs or if he had given his blessing for them to occur.

Jolie has previously spoken publicly about her desire for an open relationship, indicating that she is not opposed to the idea of having affairs outside of her marriage.

The rumors of Jolie’s infidelity with Lady Gaga have not been confirmed, and neither Jolie nor Lady Gaga has commented on the allegations.

However, the reports have fueled speculation about the reasons behind the breakdown of Jolie and Pitt’s marriage, which was once considered to be one of Hollywood’s strongest unions.

Despite the rumors and allegations, Jolie and Pitt have remained largely tight-lipped about their personal lives, choosing to focus on their careers and their six children.

In recent years, Jolie has become known for her humanitarian work and her advocacy for women’s rights, while Pitt has continued to pursue his acting career and has become involved in various philanthropic causes.

Regardless of the truth behind the rumors, the reported affair between Jolie and Lady Gaga has sparked widespread interest and speculation among fans and the media alike.

Only time will tell if the allegations are true or if they are simply the product of gossip and speculation.

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