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Prince Harry was ‘ashamed’ after catching ‘kissing disease’


Prince Harry was ‘ashamed’ after catching ‘kissing disease’


Prince Harry has revealed that he felt “ashamed” when he contracted glandular fever, commonly known as mono, in 2002.

In a witness statement presented at the High Court of the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday, the Duke of Sussex spoke out about the “huge stigma” attached to the disease and how it affected him.

According to Harry, the impact was significant, and he couldn’t understand how anyone outside his immediate family knew about it.

However, the news had spread throughout the school, and he became a laughing stock.

The prince said that the teasing was endless, and he was miserable.

The publishing powerhouse responsible for sharing the news made sure that the whole country knew about his diagnosis, which only added to his humiliation.


Despite being all smiles upon arriving at court on Tuesday, Harry had missed his court appearance on Monday.

He is taking legal action against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), accusing them of hacking his phone to obtain information.

The publisher behind the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and Daily Express has also been accused of disclosing facts about Harry, which were obtained unlawfully.

In his statement, Harry claimed that tabloids would routinely publish articles that contained snippets of truth but were often wrong.

He believes that this information was most likely gleaned from voicemail interception and/or unlawful information gathering.

Andrew Green KC, the company’s attorney, has alleged that the facts about Harry were disclosed by or on behalf of royal households or members of the royal family.

During the trial, MGN admitted hiring a private investigator in 2004 to obtain information about Harry’s London nightclub outing.

The duke’s family members are privately bracing for his testimony, according to palace sources.

There is considerable concern about what the other side will dredge up.

The trial began on May 10, and Harry’s testimony has been highly anticipated.

The case could have far-reaching consequences for media companies, setting new precedents on the use of private investigators and how information is obtained.

Harry’s statement has highlighted the impact that invasive media attention can have on individuals’ lives, and the extent to which tabloids will go for a headline.

This case is not only about Harry’s privacy but also about the rights of all individuals to lead their lives without undue intrusion from the press.

The prince’s testimony is expected to last several days, and the outcome of the trial could have significant ramifications for the future of journalism.

As the duke himself stated, “the media is a powerful force, and my hope is one day our collective support for each other can be more powerful because this is so much bigger than just me.”

Overall, the trial represents a significant moment in the ongoing struggle between the press and those who seek to hold them accountable.

It remains to be seen what the final outcome will be, but one thing is clear: Prince Harry’s testimony has highlighted the need for greater protection of individuals’ privacy and the importance of responsible journalism.

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