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Bike for Prince Archie’s 4th birthday was chosen because it is ‘gender neutral’


Bike for Prince Archie’s 4th birthday was chosen because it is ‘gender neutral’


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie, received a Specialized bike as a birthday gift from Martin and Jennifer Blevins, the owners of Mad Dogs & Englishmen Bike Shop in Montecito, where the couple resides.

The bike, priced at £240 ($300), is pink and turquoise and has stabilisers attached that can be removed.

The couple received a thank-you note from the Sussexes on Instagram, which they shared on their page.

However, they were subjected to online trolling after sharing the post.

In an interview with Hello!, Jennifer revealed that she and Martin chose the pink and turquoise model because it is gender-neutral, and they wanted Lilibet to “grow into it” in the future.

As a result, the couple opted for one sustainable gift that the family could reuse instead of sending Lili her bike when she was old enough to ride.


Jennifer added that she and Martin are frugal people.

After Jennifer posted the letter from Harry and Meghan thanking them for the gift, she claimed to have been trolled online and said she knew what Meghan felt when she was also subjected to trolls.

While some critics believed that the bike should have gone to a less privileged child, supporters of the Sussexes were upset that the thank-you letter was shared on social media.

However, one supporter wrote that if someone is angry that a company sent a bike to a little boy on his birthday as a sweet surprise, then they are the ones with the problem.

Jennifer reflected on the backlash and said that she did not even know if Harry and Meghan would accept another gift.

She added that they might say, “We’re done with you guys,” and while that would make her sad, she hoped that they would know that all they have ever done is try to be supporters and stay positive.

Martin delivered the birthday gift to the Sussexes’ mansion and arrived at the gate with the bike, where he encountered the couple’s security team.

After they conducted a background check, Martin was allowed to pass through the gates and drop off the gift, along with a bouquet of flowers.

A month later, the thank-you letter arrived from the couple.

Jennifer told PEOPLE that a courier came by their shop and dropped off the letter.

She joked that it better be a thank-you letter and was surprised when it was.

She added that no celebrity had ever sent them a personalized thank-you letter before, despite all the gifts they have sent over the years.

Jennifer also revealed that she and Martin plan to hang the letter on their wall and make photocopies to frame in every store.

Despite the rift between Prince Harry and other members of the royal family, Jennifer and Martin are not taking sides and love all UK royals.

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