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Why is Meghan Markle not telling Prince Harry he’s making a fool of himself?


Why is Meghan Markle not telling Prince Harry he’s making a fool of himself?


Prince Harry has been on a self-destructive path this year.

With his strained relationships with his family and friends, it seems that his wife, Meghan Markle, is the only person who can save him from himself.

However, Meghan has chosen to completely withdraw from her husband’s public business, leaving him to face the consequences of his actions alone.

Prince Harry’s missteps have been destroying what little credibility the Sussexes had left.

Recently, Prince Harry had to admit under oath in court that he had no evidence of phone hacking by Mirror Group Newspapers.

The horrific consequences of his autobiography “Spare” continue to stack up, from being shamed for revealing private conversations with the late Queen to having his American citizenship questioned in a US court, with the threat of deportation even a possibility because of his revelations of extensive illegal drug use.


It’s unfortunate that Meghan hasn’t intervened yet.

She could have told Harry that none of this is worth the toll it’s taking on their lives.

He doesn’t have the proof to win this court case, and it’s damaging their business interests, making it almost impossible to create the happy Californian utopia they envisioned.

Instead, Harry was left in the hands of a ghostwriter who helped him destroy every family relationship he had left, and a rabid group of the rich and powerful mixed in with attention-seeking reformed phone hackers called Hacked Off cabal, who have been on a decade-long mission to bring down the British press.

Harry’s two days in the witness box were a mortifying spectacle.

His victimhood woe-is-me narrative didn’t work when presented with actual facts by the Mirror’s sharp KC Andrew Green.

While no one belittles the pain of losing his mother in front of the world as a youngster, people are just exhausted by now of a man born with every imaginable privilege in the world constantly moaning about his lot in life.

Prince Harry needs the right people looking after his best interests.

Meghan should also work harder to protect their marriage, which has come under increasing pressure in recent months.

There’s nothing positive to be gained from focusing so incessantly on a romantic relationship that ended over a decade ago.

Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, has moved on, living happily out of the public eye with a devoted husband, gorgeous child, and successful businesses.

For Harry, Chelsy will always be the one who got away.

But it’s time to move on now; this is all ancient stuff.

There’s a real toxicity in Harry’s constant desire to rewrite history and right wrongs that often didn’t exist in the first place.

This might make Meghan reluctant to step in, but someone has to now.

Because Harry is wallowing in victimhood and unhappiness in an aimless battle that will end up helping no one, certainly not himself.

Meghan might think Harry’s campaigning against a free press will burnish her political ambitions and keep him busy, but the consequences will end up being far more destructive to him as a person and their marriage.

For the sake of Harry’s health and happiness, Meghan needs to stage an intervention and assist her husband in focusing his energies on a positive cause.

Prince Harry’s actions are putting King Charles and Prince William in an awful position, with the latter encouraging his father to take a harder line against Harry, perhaps finally stripping him of his formal titles.

It’s time for Meghan to step up and be the partner that Harry needs.

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