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When Prince Harry and ‘embarrassed’ Meghan had a ‘cringe-worthy’ moment at event


When Prince Harry and ‘embarrassed’ Meghan had a ‘cringe-worthy’ moment at event


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, recently made headlines when a video of them at an event near their home in California resurfaced online.

The video captures an awkward moment on stage when Meghan joined her husband to present his Los Padres teammates with a trophy following a tournament at the Santa Barbara polo club.

Some royal commentators described the incident as “cringe-worthy” and “embarrassing” for the couple, who are known for their image-consciousness.

A royal expert, Kara Kennedy, broke down the clip and provided insight into what was happening on stage.

In the video, Meghan can be seen walking onto the stage to present the trophy but then stays there, seemingly wishing for a spot between the players.

She even attempts to grab an item from one of Harry’s teammates, but he refuses to give it to her, making the situation even more awkward.


Kennedy commented on Meghan’s behavior, saying that it was telling of her desire to be in the spotlight.

She added that it was surprising given Meghan’s recent efforts to stay away from PR opportunities, particularly in light of Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” which is expected to be embarrassing for her.

Kennedy further claimed that Meghan must have viewed the polo match as an opportunity to get into local sports with Harry and, as a result, could not help but “crowbar her way into the photo.”

The incident highlights the challenges faced by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they navigate life outside the royal family.

The couple has been the subject of intense media scrutiny since their departure from royal duties in 2020 and have been criticized for their perceived hypocrisy and attention-seeking behavior.

Their decision to move to California has also been met with skepticism, with some questioning whether they would be able to adjust to life in the US.

Despite these challenges, Prince Harry and Meghan have continued to pursue their philanthropic work and advocacy efforts.

They recently launched their Archewell Foundation, which aims to support a range of causes, including mental health, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

The couple has also been vocal about their experiences with racism and have used their platform to raise awareness about issues related to social justice.

In conclusion, the video of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Santa Barbara polo club highlights the challenges faced by the couple as they navigate life outside the royal family.

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