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Prince Harry’s American dream is ‘collapsing’ amid Meghan ‘marriage troubles’, claims royal expert


Prince Harry’s American dream is ‘collapsing’ amid Meghan ‘marriage troubles’, claims royal expert


Prince Harry’s American dream is reportedly falling apart due to his alleged marital issues with Meghan Markle, according to a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex may also face legal consequences in the United States over his visa application process after admitting to drug use in his memoir, “Spare.”

As a result, a think tank is calling for the unsealing of his immigration records by the US government.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, criticised the Duchess of Sussex for not supporting Harry and claimed that this was only the beginning of a worse nightmare for the Duke.

In an interview with GB News, she stated, “I think all of his dreams are collapsing, they are becoming much more like nightmares now because he doesn’t know how to be or what to be.

And the impression I get is that Meghan isn’t there to help him in the same way that if you really love somebody you would be.


I actually think it’s going to be very, very difficult for him.”

Levin continued, “And although I’m extremely annoyed at him, and I can’t recognise what he’s like, I do feel sorry for somebody in such a state that they don’t know where to turn or how to manage.

And he’s created this for himself, a whole pool of negativity.

He’s fed up with things not working out for him.

It’s one thing trying to change the press in this country all alone, one single man doing that.

It’s just impossible for him, and he’s got nowhere where he can feel positive and build on himself.”

Host Dan Wootton asked Levin about her thoughts on Harry’s troubles, but he admitted that he was not sympathetic towards the Duke.

Levin replied, “We’re seeing the hypocrisy for years now.

Don’t you fly the planes, I’m going to fly on planes.

Be compassionate, but not to anybody that within my family.

I think that’s what we’ve got used to.

But I spent quite a while looking at the USA and what they do about drugs, and if they feel that somebody’s in remission, they will give them another chance so they don’t actually just wipe it out.”

The Heritage Foundation, a think tank, will argue in front of a federal judge next week that Prince Harry’s US immigration records should be unsealed to determine whether or not he disclosed his drug use on his visa application.

If he did not reveal this information, he could face deportation.

Nile Gardner of the Heritage Foundation confirmed on Twitter that the organisation’s argument would be heard on June 6.

He wrote, “Prince Harry immigration records case will be held in Washington, DC Federal Court in front of a US Federal Judge.”

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