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Taylor Swift cancels membership at swanky NYC club after pics of date leak: source


Taylor Swift cancels membership at swanky NYC club after pics of date leak: source


Pop superstar Taylor Swift has cancelled her membership at the members-only club, Casa Cipriani in New York City, following an incident where photos of her and Matty Healy were taken during a date last month.

According to Page Six, the club has a strict no-pic policy, and several members were kicked out for violating the rule by taking pictures of the couple.

The private club sent out an email to its members, stating that it had come to their attention that images had been captured that infringed upon the privacy of their members.

The memo warned that any member who violates the policies would face immediate revocation of their membership.

The source alleged that Swift had cancelled her membership after the incident.

However, a representative for the club denied the claims, saying that it was not true that Swift had cancelled her membership.


The rep confirmed that Casa Cipriani had revoked memberships to a few members who violated the club’s rules.

According to reports, two members were permanently banned from the club, while one was placed on suspension and must reapply for membership.

Casa Cipriani is a luxurious club that opened in August 2021 and has become a favorite spot for top celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell.

The club prides itself on maintaining privacy and discretion for its members.

It is known for its strict rules and regulations, including a dress code and a ban on photography.

Swift and Healy’s relationship lasted only a month, and they have since parted ways.

The pop star broke up with her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn, earlier this year.

According to sources, their split was not dramatic, and their relationship had simply run its course.

Page Six previously reported that at least three members were thrown out of the club for taking pictures of Swift and Healy.

The source added that Swift knew about the no-pic policy and had to leave the club because of the intrusive snappers.

The club has since tightened its policies and warned its members that any violation would result in immediate revocation of their membership.

The incident has once again highlighted the issue of privacy for celebrities and their right to enjoy their personal lives without being constantly hounded by the paparazzi or fans.

Swift, who is known for her private life, has been the subject of numerous rumors and speculations over the years, which she has often addressed through her music.

In conclusion, the incident at Casa Cipriani has resulted in several members being banned from the club, with Taylor Swift reportedly cancelling her membership.

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