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Leo DiCaprio refused to work with Christian Bale over “violence toward women”


Leo DiCaprio refused to work with Christian Bale over “violence toward women”


American Psycho, the iconic Hollywood masterpiece, almost starred Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role.

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Christian Bale portraying Patrick Bateman, but at the time, DiCaprio was the industry’s and audience’s darling.

Christian Bale, in contrast, was not the top choice for the film’s backers.

However, as fate would have it, DiCaprio withdrew from the highly competitive race for Bateman’s role for seemingly trivial reasons, leaving the door open for Bale to take on the project.

Christian Bale: The Unforgettable Patrick Bateman Among the countless timeless works considered immortal masterpieces, Christian Bale’s American Psycho stands out.

A unique film that cannot be remade or replaced, it serves as a powerful testament to the decline of American society amidst the booming capitalist culture of 1980s Wall Street.


The horrifying and insatiable carnage provoked by the industry could only be conveyed once, and that was by a 26-year-old Christian Bale.

Directed by the remarkable Mary Harron, Bale’s groundbreaking and transformative portrayal of the psychopathic Patrick Bateman was a generational character, influenced by many predecessors and setting the stage for more to follow.

Bale’s unparalleled performance solidified his position as an exceptional talent, and the movie itself became an enduring project worth revisiting time and time again.

Although it’s clear that DiCaprio missed a golden opportunity by passing on American Psycho, it’s also undeniable that Bale was the ideal choice for the role.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Decision Against American Psycho From the moment American Psycho began casting, the lead role of Patrick Bateman was highly sought after.

Numerous actors were rumored to be in contention for the part, including the rising heartthrob of the late ’90s, Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, in the end, Bale’s unforgettable audition made him the only acceptable choice for Harron.

DiCaprio, meanwhile, had already achieved legendary status with the recent release of Titanic.

The fame that accompanied the success of James Cameron’s romantic tragedy was just one aspect of DiCaprio’s growing popularity.

Yet, this seemed to be a primary reason behind his decision to pass on the role. The film’s co-writer, Guinevere Turner, shared:

“A friend of mine, who had just spoken to Gloria Steinem, said that Gloria Steinem took Leonardo DiCaprio to a Yankees game.

Apparently, she said, ‘Please don’t do this movie. Coming off of ‘Titanic,’ there is an entire world of 13-year-old girls waiting to see what you do next, and this is going to be a movie that showcases terrible violence against women.’ Soon after that, Leo dropped out, so who knows what really happened?”

Whether DiCaprio’s choice to abandon American Psycho for such a seemingly shallow reason should be viewed as the most absurd or the bravest decision ever made between an actor and their agent remains uncertain.

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