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“He was drinking beef blood”: Bruce Lee’s Obsession With Arnold Schwarzenegger Scared His Friend James Coburn


“He was drinking beef blood”: Bruce Lee’s Obsession With Arnold Schwarzenegger Scared His Friend James Coburn


Bruce Lee was an iconic figure in martial arts, renowned for his physical fitness and acting prowess.

He was committed to maintaining a strict training regimen and had a peculiar diet that alarmed both his co-stars and students.

According to Lee’s biography, Bruce Lee: A Life by Mathew Polly, the late actor consumed a bizarre list of items to help him build his physique.

Lee believed in consistency and set a particular goal for himself every day, working towards it with great dedication.

His rigorous exercise regimen and unique diet reportedly included items like ginseng, queen bee honey, and even uncooked hamburger meat.

One of the most surprising items on Lee’s list was beef blood, which he drank to obtain an extra dose of protein.


The revelation of this strange practice left his former student and friend, James Coburn, awestruck.

In his biography, Coburn stated that “The thing that really scared me was when he was drinking beef blood.”

Lee also had a peculiar high-protein drink that he consumed daily.

The drink consisted of Rheo Blair Protein Powder, ice water, powdered milk, eggs, eggshells, bananas, vegetable oil, peanut flour, and chocolate ice cream.

Lee believed that these ingredients helped him maintain his ideal physique.

In addition to his unusual dietary habits, Lee also employed various techniques to strengthen his body and skills.

He always carried a makiwara board to strengthen his knuckles and enhance his striking abilities.

When exhausted, he would use an electrical muscle activator machine to boost his pulse and repetitions.

Lee’s dedication to martial arts and acting still inspires many young people today.

Despite his untimely death on July 17, 1973, due to brain swelling brought on by an allergic reaction to a headache medicine, his legacy lives on.

Lee’s unique diet and training regimens may have been startling to some, but they played a vital role in helping him achieve his ideal physique and become a martial arts legend.

He remains an inspiration to many who aspire to follow in his footsteps and pursue careers in acting and martial arts.

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