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“He has brought him more into the present”: Matt Damon Praised Daniel Craig’s 007 Version for a Surprising Reason Despite His Hatred for James Bond


“He has brought him more into the present”: Matt Damon Praised Daniel Craig’s 007 Version for a Surprising Reason Despite His Hatred for James Bond


Matt Damon has recently praised Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond, while speaking to GQ Magazine.

Although he does not see himself portraying the character any time soon, Damon agreed that the crew took the right decision in casting Craig as well as with the script for the recent Bond films.

The speculations of who will be fit to play the inquisitive British spy have been in the air for quite some time after Craig bid the 007 franchise goodbye with No Time To Die.

Damon thinks that it was high time for Bond to start keeping up with the ‘modern’ times while abandoning his classic “misogynistic”.

In an interview with GQ, he stated that “Bond has the values of the 1960s.

Daniel’s Bond has upgraded him and brought him more into the present”.


He thinks Craig’s Bond feels more real and grounded because the actor’s physicality brings a sense of authenticity to the role.

Damon also commended Craig for bringing human elements to the iconic spy which the previous versions lacked, allowing audiences to connect with the emotional journey of the character.

Although the character dates back to 1962, many on the internet also had a problem with the franchise not upgrading the character with time, while many applauded them for keeping its authenticity intact.

Now that Daniel Craig successfully brought in the much-needed change, Damon appreciates the fact but thinks they still have a long way to go.

On the other hand, Damon does not want to portray James Bond anytime soon.

One of the reasons is his loyalty towards the Jason Bourne franchise.

He believes that Bourne is more human than Bond and has today’s values.

In the same GQ interview, he said, “classically, that character is a misogynist who likes swilling martinis and killing people and not giving a sh*t”.

He continued to back Bourne by saying, “Whereas Jason Bourne is a serial monogamist – and he’s tortured by the things he’s done and feels empathy and compassion for other people.

And Bourne would obviously win in a fight.”

Moreover, Damon feels that the character has run its course.

Although there is still hype, he believes it’s a sinking ship.

However, the overwhelming response that he has received since his return to the Bourne franchise has made him realize that the journey is far from over.

While the question of who the next James Bond is going to be will still haunt the internet, Damon is most certainly out of the picture.

Both Jason Bourne and No Time To Die are currently available on HBO Max to stream.

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