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Steven Spielberg Demanded $1.12B Transformers Movie Fire Megan Fox When She Called Michael Bay “Hitler”


Steven Spielberg Demanded $1.12B Transformers Movie Fire Megan Fox When She Called Michael Bay “Hitler”


Megan Fox’s departure from the Transformers franchise left the world in shock, but it was not Michael Bay’s decision to fire her.

It was Steven Spielberg who demanded that she be fired when he became uncomfortable with the comments made by the actress about the director.

Fox had compared Bay to Napoleon and Hitler, and also criticized his behavior towards her.

The actress had divided Bay’s personality into two versions, one as a director and another outside work.

Fox claimed that Bay was a nightmare to work with, as he wanted to create an infamous mad man reputation for himself, similar to that of Hitler.

The director would often sexualize Fox and ask her to only look beautiful on set instead of focusing on her acting skills.


However, when he was not in director mode, Fox enjoyed his personality because he was hopelessly awkward and had no social skills at all.

Bay did not seem to be troubled by Fox’s comments and even referred to it as a way for the actress to get a reaction out of the audience.

Initially, Fox’s comments did not affect her career in the franchise.

In fact, she was not fired but instead chose not to return to the franchise on her own terms.

Spielberg, who was producing Transformers, insisted that Bay should fire Fox because of her comments.

Subsequently, the actress never returned to the franchise again.

Bay and Fox were not very keen on working with each other and were glad to have parted ways.

This incident raised concerns about the importance of maintaining professional relationships in the film industry.

While actors must be free to express their opinions, they should also be cautious about how they phrase their comments.

Comparing someone to Hitler is a serious accusation and can have serious consequences.

In recent times, the entertainment industry has become more sensitive to issues such as sexism and harassment.

Fox’s comments about Bay’s behavior towards her reflect a time when these issues were not given much attention.

However, Fox herself had faced backlash for her comments on Bay, which suggests that the film industry still has a long way to go in terms of addressing such issues.

The incident also highlights the power dynamics in Hollywood.

Spielberg’s influence over the Transformers franchise and his decision to demand Fox’s firing reflects the influence that producers and directors have over actors.

This can sometimes lead to actors feeling powerless and unable to express their opinions freely.

In conclusion, Megan Fox’s comments about Michael Bay’s behavior towards her and her comparison of him to Hitler ultimately led to her departure from the Transformers franchise.

The incident raises concerns about professional relationships in the film industry and highlights the power dynamics between actors, producers, and directors.

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