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Angelina Jolie slapped co-star for kissing her


Angelina Jolie slapped co-star for kissing her


Angelina Jolie is no stranger to on-screen intimacy, having kissed several co-stars over the years.

However, during the filming of Changeling, her co-star’s improvisation resulted in a surprising reaction from the megastar.

Val Kilmer, Jolie’s Alexander co-star, couldn’t wait to lock lips with her and even wrote about it in his book, I’m Your Huckleberry.

James McAvoy found kissing Jolie uncomfortable, while Ethan Hawke ranked her as the best kisser he’s ever had on-screen.

In Changeling, Jolie starred opposite Jason Butler Harner, a theater actor who wanted to add something extra to an intense scene they shared.

Harner decided to improvise and kiss Jolie without letting her in on the plan.


He sought approval from director Clint Eastwood, who agreed to see what would happen.

The improvised scene resulted in Jolie reacting violently, which was exactly what Harner intended.

Jolie’s smart and beautiful, but also a great actress, according to Harner.

She reacted to the scene by slapping him, holding him, and hitting him.

Jolie’s other co-star, Matt Damon, was good friends with Jolie’s partner at the time, Brad Pitt.

This left some people wondering if their friendship would create discomfort for Damon and Jolie’s fictional intimacy.

Jolie asserted that their familiarity made the scenario less awkward and that their partners weren’t threatened by the situation.

Throughout her career, Jolie has made out with several other actors on-screen, all with varying reactions to her kisses.

Kilmer couldn’t wait to kiss her, McAvoy found it awkward, and Hawke ranked her as the best.

The improvised scene in Changeling resulted in a violent reaction from Jolie, which was exactly what her co-star intended.

Jolie is no stranger to the press, having adopted her first child, Maddox, and being labeled as a postmodern Madonna by the paparazzi.

Her on-screen kisses have been highly publicized, and her co-stars have had varying reactions to them.

In Changeling, Jolie added Jason Butler Harner to her list of on-screen kisses.

However, this one was different because it was an improvised scene that she wasn’t aware of.

Harner sought approval from Eastwood, who agreed to let the scene play out.

Jolie’s reactions to her on-screen kisses have varied throughout her career, but her co-stars have always found her to be a great actress.

Harner found her to be smart and beautiful, while Hawke ranked her as the best kisser he’s ever had on-screen.

In conclusion, Jolie has a long history of on-screen intimacy with several co-stars, but her reaction to an improvised kiss in Changeling surprised everyone.

Despite the surprise, Jolie proved once again that she’s a great actress who can deliver powerful scenes.

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