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Angelina Jolie’s kiss left so-star weak and speechless


Angelina Jolie’s kiss left so-star weak and speechless


Ethan Hawke, the Moon Knight actor, recently talked about his on-screen kiss with Angelina Jolie in the 2004 movie Taking Lives.

According to him, the kiss was so amazing that he felt weak afterwards.

He went on to call it the “best on-screen kiss” he had ever had.

Hawke even stated that the Eternals actress was made to whittle men and make them forget their names!

Not every actor felt as comfortable as Hawke did when kissing Jolie on screen.

James McAvoy, known for portraying Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, shared his awkward experience with Jolie while filming the 2008 movie Wanted.


The kiss was shot on the same day they met, which made it even more memorable for its awkwardness.

Kissing between co-stars can be either memorable or plain awkward.

Nevertheless, Ethan Hawke and Angelina Jolie’s kiss seems to have been unforgettable.

During a 2014 interview, Hawke revealed his experience with Jolie and how he felt weak after kissing her.

The actor even went as far as saying that Angelina Jolie was born to whittle men and make them weak when she kissed them.

On the other hand, James McAvoy did not have the same experience with Jolie.

He admitted that he did not feel comfortable with Jolie during their on-screen kiss.

Despite this, Angelina Jolie is rumored to return for the third installment of the fan-favorite franchise, Maleficent.

Currently in pre-production, Jolie will reprise her role as Maleficent.

Despite the fact that kisses between co-stars seem wholesome and romantic, the behind-the-scenes of a movie are not always what they appear to be.

Ethan Hawke’s experience with Angelina Jolie is proof of this.

The kiss was so intense that it made him forget his name.

It is not uncommon for actors to feel uncomfortable during a kissing scene, but James McAvoy’s experience with Jolie was particularly awkward since their kiss was shot on the same day they met.

The situation was so unexpected that all they could do was laugh and make the best of the situation.

Angelina Jolie’s acting skills are not the only thing that has made her famous.

Her beauty and charm have also captivated many of her co-stars, including Ethan Hawke and James McAvoy.

Both actors admitted to feeling weak and uncomfortable after kissing Jolie on screen.

Despite their different experiences, both Hawke and McAvoy agree that Angelina Jolie is a talented actress and one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

Her upcoming return to the Maleficent franchise has left fans eagerly waiting to see more of her on screen.

In conclusion, kissing scenes between co-stars can be either memorable or awkward, as demonstrated by Ethan Hawke and James McAvoy’s experiences with Angelina Jolie.

While Hawke felt weak and mesmerized by Jolie’s kiss, McAvoy felt uncomfortable due to the unexpected circumstances of their kissing scene.

Despite this, Angelina Jolie remains one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses and will continue to dazzle audiences with her beauty and talent.

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