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Anne Hathaway loves the way Angelina Jolie kisses


Anne Hathaway loves the way Angelina Jolie kisses


Anne Hathaway, the Hollywood actress who rose to fame with her breakthrough role in The Princess Diaries, has become one of the most sought-after actors of her generation.

With a wide array of roles in different genres ranging from dramas, comedies to musicals, Hathaway has cemented her place with her versatility in all departments while also winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables.

However, being in the limelight also meant that The Devil Wears Prada star had to acquaint herself with portraying intimate scenes in her films.

Among the challenging things that she had to do as an actor, Anne Hathaway confessed that performing kissing scenes in her films was the most difficult for her to master.

Despite having a technique and routine on set to master the intimate lip-locking scenes, Hathaway admitted that none of her hacks really made her feel comfortable enough to appear natural on screen.

The celebrity praised her Hollywood counterpart Angelina Jolie for being able to seamlessly perform kissing segments in her films.


Hathaway said, “It’s a totally different experience.

“But really you really have to be Angelina Jolie to pull that off and still look good.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I ain’t no Angie.”

Hathaway was also extremely appreciative of another big Hollywood star Jennifer Garner whom she felt was able to organically ease into an intimate scene and make it fun.

Over a successful career so far, Anne Hathaway has been paired with many actors and has been part of many romantic and intimate scenes with different stars.

Hathaway confessed that she hasn’t had the best kissing experience with a lot of actors on screen.

“Sometimes you work with actors, and they can be lovely guys, but they have kind of dodgy instincts when it comes to kissing in scenes.

“They want to try to make it look a bit too real if you know what I mean.”

But there were a few exceptions like X-Men star James McAvoy.

Hathaway who worked with McAvoy in Becoming Jane, credited the Split actor for being one of the best on-screen kissers and a very comfortable co-star to be around.

“With James, right before we started he turned to me and said, ‘Closed mouths, no tongue!’ That’s what I normally say to people so it was a pleasure working with him,”

Despite these hurdles regarding intimacy on screen, Anna Hathaway has cemented her place as one of Hollywood’s most loved stars with a perfect combination of beauty and acting talent.

Hathaway has been open about her struggles with intimate scenes, saying that she has often been nervous or uncomfortable during the filming of such scenes.

In an interview, Hathaway said, “It’s really hard to get it right.

“You don’t want to be too aggressive, but you don’t want to be too passive either.

“It’s a delicate balance.”

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