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Emma Stone’s drunken mom’s encounter with Brad Pitt and Jolie



Emma Stone’s drunken mom’s encounter with Brad Pitt and Jolie


Emma Stone recently revealed on the US talk show Conan that her mother had an embarrassing encounter with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes in January.

Stone, who was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Easy A, took her mother to the awards ceremony and they were seated at a table with Pitt and Jolie.

Stones mother had a little too much to drink and started talking to the famous couple about their kids.

According to Stone, She was talking to them about their kids, which was really interesting and funnyShe was like, You guys must be so tired. Then she was leaning over me to Angelina Jolie. And Angelina’s like, Yeah, you know, with all these kids. . . Luckily, Stone saw the funny side of the encounter and laughed it off.

Stones mother was delighted to be seated with the famous couple and when the champagne began flowing, she struck up a conversation with them.

Stone stated, We sat at a table next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which was, like, the ultimate thing to bring your mum toBecause she never drinks, and there was this giant bottle of Moet champagne. . . she had a lot [to drink].


Stones mothers drunken encounter with Pitt and Jolie was not the only highlight of the evening.

Stone also wowed the crowd with her stunning red gown by Calvin Klein.

The dress was made from recycled plastic bottles and was a statement piece for the actress who is known for her environmental activism.

Stones career has been on the rise since her breakthrough role in Superbad in 2007.

She went on to star in The Help in 2011, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Stone is also known for her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel.

In addition to her acting career, Stone is an advocate for mental health.

She has spoken publicly about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks and works with organizations to bring awareness to mental health issues.

Stone has also been involved in various charity work, including Stand Up to Cancer and the Times Up movement.

Stones mothers encounter with Pitt and Jolie is just one example of embarrassing parent behavior.

Many people have had similar experiences, such as parents embarrassing them in front of their friends or colleagues.

However, Stones mothers encounter is a reminder that sometimes these embarrassing moments can be funny and memorable.

The Golden Globes is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in film and television.

The event is known for its star-studded red carpet and memorable moments.

The 2021 Golden Globes were held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stones latest project is the Disney film Cruella, in which she plays the titular character.

The film is a live-action prequel to 101 Dalmatians and follows the story of a young Cruella de Vil in 1970s London.

The film was released on May 28, 2021, and has received positive reviews.

Stones mothers encounter with Pitt and Jolie is a reminder that even celebrities have embarrassing family members.

However, Stones ability to laugh it off shows that sometimes these moments can be funny and memorable.

Stone continues to be a rising star in Hollywood and is known for her talent, activism, and sense of humor.

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