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Anne Hathaway would love to kiss Jennifer Garner

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Anne Hathaway would love to kiss Jennifer Garner


Actress Jennifer Garner has impressed fellow Hollywood star Anne Hathaway with her ability to kiss on screen.

Hathaway, who has starred in several romantic projects, revealed that she believes Garner, along with Angelina Jolie, has mastered the art of kissing on camera.

Hathaway said, “Jennifer Garner – now that girl can movie kiss!”

While Hathaway envies the skills of Garner and Jolie, the actress also respects them for their talent.

“It’s a totally different experience. But really you have to be Angelina Jolie to pull that off and still look good. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I ain’t no Angie,” she said.

Garner, who has starred in several critically acclaimed projects and is also a recipient of several notable awards, including the Golden Globe and SAG, has three children with former husband Ben Affleck.


However, her kids are not big fans of her acting projects, especially when she has to kiss on screen or cry.

“My kids don’t love to watch me in things. They do to be supportive, but I think it’s a little weird to watch your mom kiss someone or cry. It’s different. They don’t mind watching their dad. They don’t want to see me sad, and they don’t want to see me in a romance. They don’t love seeing me play someone else’s mom, honestly,” Garner said.

Garner, who recently appeared in the Apple TV+ limited miniseries The Last Thing He Told Me, is unsure whether her kids will watch it.

However, she revealed that she has read the book on which the series is based with her middle daughter.

In an interview with InStyle, Garner admitted that it was quite challenging for her to portray her role in the series.

She revealed that she did everything she could to keep her role as close to the book as possible.

Speaking on the topic of on-screen lovemaking, Hathaway gave a prolonged interview on how to kiss on screen.

She revealed that most of her co-actors didn’t know how to kiss appropriately.

Hathaway has a distinct kissing technique and only found James McAvoy who got it.

However, Hathaway believes that some other stars master the art of showing affection on screen far better than her.

She specifically mentioned Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner, whose kissing skills impressed her very much.

“Jennifer Garner – now that girl can movie kiss!” Hathaway said.

It is apparent from Hathaway’s statement that she not only envies the skills of other actresses but also respects them for their talent.

Garner has starred in several commercially successful movies such as 13 Going on 30, Juno, and Love, Simon.

She has also appeared in several critically acclaimed projects such as Alias, Dallas Buyers Club, and Love, Simon.

Garner is not only an accomplished actress but also a philanthropist.

She is an advocate for several charitable organizations such as Save the Children, CARE, and March of Dimes.

In 2014, Garner became an artist ambassador for the children’s advocacy organization, Save the Children.

She has traveled to several countries, including Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to raise awareness about the importance of education and health care for children.

Garner is also a board member of the charity organization, Save the Children Federation, Inc.

In 2020, she participated in a virtual fundraiser for the organization, which raised more than $4 million.

Garner has also worked with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, and March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization that works to improve the health of mothers and babies.

In addition to her charitable work, Garner has also produced several projects, including the Netflix limited series, Alias Grace, and the HBO comedy,

Camping. She also served as an executive producer on the film Love, Simon, which dealt with LGBTQ+ issues and was well received by both critics and audiences.

Garner is known for her versatility as an actress and her ability to play a wide range of roles.

She has played everything from action heroines to romantic leads to comedic supporting characters.

In Alias, Garner played CIA agent Sydney Bristow, who was known for her martial arts skills and ability to speak multiple languages.

Her performance in the show earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama.

Garner also received critical acclaim for her performance in the film Dallas Buyers Club, in which she played Dr. Eve Saks, a doctor who helps AIDS patients in the 1980s.

Her performance earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Despite her success as an actress, Garner has spoken openly about the challenges of balancing work and family life.

She has said that being a mother is the most important thing in her life and that she tries to prioritize her children’s needs above all else.

In an interview with People, Garner said, “My kids are my life. Everything else comes second to them, and that’s just the way it is.”

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