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Angelina Jolie smoked and fought Brad Pitt on a balcony


Angelina Jolie smoked and fought Brad Pitt on a balcony


Angelina Jolie caught smoking and arguing with Brad Pitt on a Sydney hotel balcony

Before we dive into the drama involving Angelina Jolie’s smoking habit and her dispute with Brad Pitt, let’s discuss her appearance on the latest Entertainment Weekly issue.

Angelina is featured on the cover, with her arm around Jack O’Connell, the star of Unbroken.

It seems she has a type – she’s drawn to rough-and-tumble bad boys with hearts of gold, and Jack seems to fit that description.

In another life, they would have made a sizzling pair.


The cover story touches on familiar topics like Angelina’s disbelief that the studio allowed her to direct Unbroken.

She also shared her go-to stress relief activity: wrapping Christmas presents! Of course, she can’t admit to chain-smoking two packs while waiting for the studio’s response.

Now, let’s talk about the cigarette, the argument, and what appears to be Brad Pitt leaving an Australian hotel room upset.

Woman’s Day, an Australian tabloid, obtained exclusive images of Brad and Angelina quarreling on a hotel balcony a couple of weekends ago, just before the major Sydney premiere of Unbroken.

To a die-hard Brangelina fan, it looks more like a disagreement than a full-blown fight. Their expressions aren’t furious, but rather mildly annoyed.

As for the smoking, Angelina was known to be a casual smoker in her younger days, but it was thought she quit years ago.

Perhaps she started again? It’s no secret that Brad has struggled with quitting and returning to cigarettes multiple times.

As a reminder, Brad had been promoting Fury throughout Asia, while Angelina was in LA for the Hollywood Film Awards.

The two met in Australia to attend the red carpet event together.

However, there were very few photos of the couple side-by-side or showing any affection. When they did pose together, it was primarily with the Unbroken cast.

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