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Angry Hillary Clinton threw a lamp at Bill Clinton in the White House


Angry Hillary Clinton threw a lamp at Bill Clinton in the White House


The Curious Case of Hillary and the Alleged Thrown Lamp

The long-circulated tale of Hillary Clinton allegedly throwing a lamp at her husband, Bill Clinton is making rounds again recently.

Though the story is over 20 years old, its primary figures remain in the public eye, which could explain its tendency to resurface.

The question arises: Is there any truth to the Hillary Clinton lamp-throwing story?

The answer isn’t straightforward, and it’s important to note that this examination is not an accusation or endorsement of domestic violence.

With that said, let’s look at the story and its origins.

The Basic Story:

The tale is relatively simple and likely would not have gained much traction if the individuals involved weren’t so prominent.

According to the rumor, soon after the Clintons moved into the White House in 1993, a heated argument led to Hillary allegedly hurling a lamp at Bill.

The reasons for the supposed dispute varied, including disagreements about Hillary’s office location or Bill being distracted by a celebrity at a pre-inaugural event.

That’s the entire story.

(For the record, the lamp pictured is not the one in question. It’s just for effect.)

How Did the Story Spread?

It’s unclear how the story first began to circulate, though some versions involve Secret Service agents leaking the information.

The Chicago Sun-Times published an article titled “‘Hot’ Rumors Dog Clintons” on February 19, 1993, which included an excerpt claiming that Hillary had a temper and had broken a lamp during a late-night argument with the president.

This print appearance fueled the story’s spread.

Different Versions:

As with most urban legends and gossip, the story evolved over time. Instead of a lamp, some versions mentioned a book, a Bible, an urn, or even physical punches.

Snopes points out that the initial Chicago Sun-Times version only stated that Hillary broke a lamp during an argument, not that she threw it at Bill.

The article emphasized that the lamp was a low-value personal item, focusing more on the people involved than the property destroyed.

Is There Any Truth to the Story?

The truth of the matter is uncertain, and it’s likely that the story is just a rumor.

There is no solid evidence supporting the incident, and it’s essential to respect the privacy of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage.

The story is based on hearsay and speculation, with no concrete proof to back it up.


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