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Anne Hathaway says she’s been body-shamed and humiliated


Anne Hathaway says she’s been body-shamed and humiliated


Actress Anne Hathaway has spoken out about the issue of bodyshaming in the media and movie industries.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Hathaway shared her own experiences of being “shamed and humiliated” in the past.

She also revealed that she gained weight for a movie role in order to avoid pregnancy rumors, explaining, “I didn’t feel like dealing with the pregnancy rumours.”

“I find it bizarre that there’s a storm to get ahead of, but I have a history of being shamed and humiliated, for a lot of different reasons.”

Hathaway, who stars in the upcoming film Ocean’s 8, also discussed her involvement with the Time’s Up movement.

“I’ve had a 20-year career and I’ve had some really, really bad experiences, but I’ve had a lot of great ones too – with members of both genders,” she said.

“While they do not begin to approach the atrocious, galling stories others have shared in recent months, I have had negative on-set experiences, some of a sexual nature.”

“Some are from the beginning of my career, some are more recent – all are unacceptable.”

The actor went on to talk about the motivation behind her participation in the Time’s Up movement.

“Being a 35-year-old cisgendered woman who has experienced the everyday, abusive imbalance of the world also made me want to be a part of a movement for change,” she stated.

“I know the world can be far worse for others than it has been to be, but I suppose, like more everyone who has been hurt, I want to protect others from going through the worst of what I experienced.”

Hathaway’s comments come amid a wider cultural conversation about the prevalence of bodyshaming and the need for change in the entertainment industry.

The Time’s Up movement, which was founded in the wake of the #MeToo movement, aims to combat sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

The movement has garnered support from a wide range of celebrities and industry professionals.

Ocean’s 8, which also stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, and more.

The film follows a group of women who team up to pull off a heist at the annual Met Gala. Hathaway plays the role of Daphne Kluger, a self-absorbed celebrity.

The film has received praise for its diverse cast and has generated significant buzz ahead of its release.

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