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Angelina Jolie Rejected Jennifer Aniston’s Dinner Invite



Angelina Jolie Rejected Jennifer Aniston’s Dinner Invite


Jennifer Aniston is said to have made a request to Angelina Jolie for the two ladies to have dinner together, but Jolie reportedly declined.

“Jen thought it was finally time to resolve the past,” a source tells InTouch (via, adding that the “Friends” alum “wants a fresh start on all fronts” following her breakup from Justin Theroux.

Angelina Jolie famously told Vogue that she would welcome a meeting with Jen.

“We passed each other and briefly said ‘Hi,’ shook hands,” she explained.

“But not a real sit down and talk kind of meeting. That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.”

Ange, though, appears to have changed her tune now that she is no longer with Brad.


Things turned ugly when Angelina rebuffed the notion of dining. “Angelina said she didn’t owe her an apology.” The source continues, “The whole idea to get together for dinner turned into a disaster.”

The insider went on to say that they believe a meeting between the two ladies would be much worse than what transpired, stating, “It would be so awkward. I imagine Angelina wouldn’t be able to look her straight in the eye after what she did, even though so much time has passed. There’d be a lot of small talk.”

And, according to the source, Jen’s pals were aware that she would regret reaching out to Angelina, but she doesn’t want to hold a grudge. Why? Because everything is going so great with her and Brad right now! “If she holds on to her anger toward Angelina, Brad may see her as petty,” the source said.

According to reports, Angelina rejects Jennifer’s attempt to repair their feud because she is envious of Brad’s relationship with the latter. “It’s gotten back to her that Brad and Jen are in each other’s lives again. She’s furious about it,” claims the source.

A different insider previously said that Pitt and Aniston had been in communication for months, adding, “[Brad] wants and needs Jen in his life.”

While the two have remained silent about their contact throughout the years and in recent months, one source said, “There would have been fireworks, for sure.”

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