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Leonardo DiCaprio is creepy – Actress Ulrika Jonsson says


Leonardo DiCaprio is creepy – Actress Ulrika Jonsson says


Ulrika Jonsson expresses concern over Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent rumored romance with 19-year-old model Eden Polani.

The actor, who is known for dating younger women, was seen with Polani at a Los Angeles party. While some believe they are dating, DiCaprio has denied the reports.

In a recent article, Jonsson shared her disapproval of the relationship between the two, describing it as “sickening.”

She expressed concern that Polani is too young to be in a relationship with someone nearly three decades older than her.

Jonsson added that it is “unfathomable” that someone so young could consider spending their formative adult years with an older man.

Jonsson wrote, “I know I’m not the only one who finds Leonardo DiCaprio’s pursuit of much younger women not just distasteful but also sickening.


The idea that I might date or, God forbid, be in a relationship with an 18 to 19-year-old man does not only feel wrong and counterintuitive, but just a step too far.

I’m afraid it gives me the creeps.”

DiCaprio has a history of dating younger women.

His last girlfriend, Camila Morrone, was 25 years old when they broke up in August 2022, after four years of dating.

The actor has also been linked to model Gigi Hadid, though neither confirmed the relationship.

Some have pointed out the age difference between DiCaprio and Polani, with the latter being born after the actor’s iconic film, Titanic, was released in 1998.

Jonsson is not the only one to criticize DiCaprio’s dating choices.

In the past, the actor has faced backlash for his preference for younger women.

Despite the criticism, DiCaprio has not shied away from dating younger women.

He has previously defended his dating choices, stating that he does not think age should be a factor in relationships.

In an interview with Esquire in 2016, he said, “I’ve been in relationships with women who are older than me and women who are younger than me.

It’s about the person.”

DiCaprio has also used his platform to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues.

He established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998 to support various causes, including wildlife conservation and renewable energy.

Polani, who is originally from Israel, is a rising star in the modeling industry.

She has worked with brands such as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs and has a substantial following on social media.

While the status of DiCaprio and Polani’s relationship remains unclear, Jonsson’s comments have sparked a discussion about the ethics of relationships with significant age differences.

Critics argue that such relationships can be exploitative and harmful, particularly when one person is significantly younger and less experienced.

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