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Lil Wayne suffers memory loss, can’t remember own lines


Lil Wayne suffers memory loss, can’t remember own lines


Lil Wayne, the famous rapper from New Orleans, has recently opened up about his struggles with memory loss.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he admitted that he cannot remember which of his songs were part of which album.

He even went as far as saying that his projects have “no significance” to him since he cannot remember them.

Wayne’s memory loss is so severe that he does not even recall when his albums came out.

It is a struggle for him to remember any of his songs, and he finds it difficult to recognize them when they are played.

Wayne believes that his daily routine might be the reason behind his memory loss.


He said that he works every single day, and he considers it the curse part of the gift.

Despite that, he believes that God blessed him with an amazing mind that can create successful hits.

However, he was not given an amazing memory to remember all of his creations.

Wayne has battled several health issues in the past, including epilepsy.

In 2017, he had to cancel a show in Las Vegas after suffering multiple seizures.

Reportedly, he was found unconscious in his Chicago hotel room at the time.

In 2013, Wayne was hospitalized after experiencing a series of seizures.

Many people believed that his use of sizzurp, a recreational drug beverage usually mixed with cough syrup, could have been behind the incident.

Despite his struggles, Wayne has no plans to slow down.

The “Masked Singer” alum wants to show the new generation of rappers why he is still relevant.

He hopes that they can learn something from him, and continue to be successful in their own right.

The revelation of Lil Wayne’s memory loss has shocked his fans.

However, Wayne remains positive and hopeful despite his condition.

He has not let his memory loss affect his passion for making music.

His determination to continue creating successful hits is admirable, and it is a testament to his love for the art.

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