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Kate Beckinsale addresses plastic surgery reports


Kate Beckinsale addresses plastic surgery reports


Kate Beckinsale, the well-known actress of the “Underworld” franchise, has recently shut down an Instagram follower’s accusation that her youthful appearance at the Cannes Film Festival was due to cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery or fillers.

The 49-year-old actress took to social media to deny any such allegations and to clarify what she does to maintain her good looks.

One Instagram user commented on Beckinsale’s post, asking if she had had a facelift because it was not possible to look so gorgeous at the age of 50.

In response, Beckinsale said that she had not done anything to her face besides getting facials.

She further clarified that she had not gone through any thread lift, Botox, laser treatment, nose job, or filler.

Instead, she opts for PRP facials to boost collagen, microcurrent for skin tightening, and oxygen.


However, Beckinsale admitted that she is a bit scared of trying out laser treatments.

Another commenter suggested that celebrities should not deny getting anti-aging help and should rather be honest about it.

But Beckinsale did not take this comment lightly and denied having any facelift, filler, or Botox.

She expressed her displeasure with people accusing her of things she had not done.

Despite the negative comments, many fans and celebrity friends admired Beckinsale’s appearance.

Adam Lambert called her “Stunnnnning,” while Kate Couric wrote “Wow!!!!!”

and Debi Mazar left three heart emojis.

This is not the first time Beckinsale has spoken on the topic of cosmetic procedures.

Two years ago, she denied using Botox and stated that she was frightened of paralyzing her face.

She also said that her mother’s voice is always in her head, warning her against such procedures.

She prefers “vampire facials” and credits her family’s genes for their younger-looking appearance.

Beckinsale also talked about how people started worrying her about turning 40 when she was only 33.

She believes that overloading someone with such concerns would make them stop caring altogether.

Beckinsale’s response to the negative comments on her Instagram post shows that she is not afraid to speak up for herself and to deny false accusations.

In her post, Beckinsale reminisced about her first appearance at the French awards show in 1993, where she wore “scuffed steel toe capped Dr Martens.”

She also called her light green Zuhair Murad jumpsuit featuring a train her “dream dress.”

The actress seems happy with her life and appearance and is not afraid to share it with her fans on social media.

It is evident that Kate Beckinsale is proud of the way she looks and takes care of herself.

She prefers natural methods to maintain her youthful appearance and does not believe in hiding behind cosmetic procedures.

Her confidence and honesty serve as an inspiration to her fans and followers who look up to her.

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