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Jennifer Aniston posts bikini pics with Jason Bateman


Jennifer Aniston posts bikini pics with Jason Bateman


Jennifer Aniston shares vacation photos with Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka, crashing their romantic beach getaway.

The actress took to Instagram on Monday to post several bikini-clad photos of herself, Bateman, and Anka relaxing in the sand.

In the caption, Aniston wrote, “Take us back 🙏🏼,” suggesting that they had already left the beach.

The three friends were spotted enjoying their time together on the beach, with Aniston and Anka both wearing bikinis while Bateman kept himself covered up from the sun in a long-sleeved tee.

One of the photos shows the trio walking along the shore, all wearing big sun hats.


Aniston also shared a beach selfie, putting her big blue eyes on full display as Anka photobombed her in the background.

The single actress included a sexy thirst trap in the photo dump, flaunting her fit figure as she relaxed in a bikini on a lounge chair with her hat over her face.

In addition, Aniston posted a silly pic of Bateman sitting in front of a gorgeous view as he used his iPad, as well as a sweet photo of her and Anka wearing matching linen beach bags.

Some of Aniston’s celeb pals playfully expressed some jealousy for missing out on the fun excursion.

“When you go back, can you take me?” Rita Wilson joked in the comments section.

Aniston and Bateman have been close friends since their days on the hit TV series “Friends.

” The two actors have also worked together on several films, including “The Break-Up” and “Horrible Bosses.”

Aniston has previously spoken about her friendship with Bateman, saying that they have a great working relationship and that they have a lot of fun together.

“He’s just easy to be around. He’s funny, he’s irreverent, he’s a good listener, he’s just a good human being,” Aniston said in an interview with Variety.

Anka is also an actress and has appeared in several films and TV shows. She has been married to Bateman since 2001, and the couple has two children together.

Aniston, meanwhile, has been keeping busy with her acting career. She recently starred in the second season of “The Morning Show,” for which she earned a Screen Actors Guild award nomination.

The actress has also been in the news recently for her dating life. Aniston was previously married to actor Brad Pitt and later divorced from actor Justin Theroux.

She is currently single and has said that she is not looking for a relationship at the moment.

Despite her busy schedule, Aniston always makes time for her close friends, including Bateman and Anka.

The trio seemed to have had a great time together on their beach getaway, as evidenced by the photos shared on Instagram.

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