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‘I was forced to fake an 0rgasm in a room full of men’ – Actress Minnie Driver


‘I was forced to fake an 0rgasm in a room full of men’ – Actress Minnie Driver


Minnie Driver, the 53-year-old actor from London, who gained an Oscar nomination for her role in Good Will Hunting, recently shared some of her personal experiences in an interview.

Driver was Emmy nominated for her performance in the 2007 television series The Riches and has a recurring role in Will & Grace.

Some of her other recent films include Cinderella, Rosaline, and Chevalier.

She has a podcast, called “Minnie Questions With Minnie Driver,” and her memoir, Managing Expectations, was published last year.

Driver lives in California with her partner, the film-maker Addison O’Dea, and her son.

When asked about her most embarrassing moment, Driver revealed that it happened during the early 90s when she was starting out as an actor.


She had to fake an orgasm in front of a room full of male ad execs during an audition for a chocolate bar ad.

She described the experience as “grim.”

Driver shared that negative thoughts are what make her unhappy, as they attract other negative thoughts, ultimately leading to a downward spiral.

She also expressed fear about not being able to swim, surf, run, or dance as she gets older.

Driver’s celebrity crush is Daniel Day-Lewis, whom she has loved since she was a child.

She shared that she once watched him play in a football match at her school and walked him back to the changing rooms afterward.

He was kind to her and talked to her about acting.

When asked what she owes her parents, Driver simply replied with “my love.” However, she did reveal that there is someone she would like to apologize to, but she is not yet ready to do so.

Driver admitted to saying “I love you” to someone without truly meaning it how the other person meant it.

She also revealed that she often overuses the phrase “bollocking shitbags.”

Driver’s biggest disappointment in life was not becoming more mature about certain things, which she thought would happen but never did.

If she could edit her past, she would edit out all the awful men who confirmed her worst suspicions about her body and character.

Driver recently changed her mind about her son’s safety at school in America.

She had previously believed that he was safe, but now she no longer thinks that is the case.

Finally, when asked about her closest brush with the law, Driver shared a terrifying experience.

After shooting in a remote part of California, she was speeding home at 5 AM, covered in fake blood, when she got stopped by the police.

The cop was suspicious and drew his gun on her, asking, “What have you been doing?” She explained that she had been shooting a film, and the cop eventually let her go.

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