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Why Daniel Craig wanted James Bond to die earlier


Why Daniel Craig wanted James Bond to die earlier


Daniel Craig, the actor who played James Bond in the latest installment of the franchise, wanted his character to die at the end of No Time to Die so he could never return to the role.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Craig revealed that there were two reasons for Bond’s demise in the film.

Firstly, he wanted the franchise to reset and start anew.

Secondly, he wanted to move on from the role, ensuring he could never return.

Craig previously left the role after 2015’s Spectre, citing physical limitations due to a broken leg as one of the reasons.

However, he was lured back to the franchise by series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michel G. Wilson for No Time to Die.


Broccoli believed there was still more to tell of Craig’s Bond story, and fortunately, he agreed.

In the interview, Craig revealed that the sacrifice Bond makes in the movie was for love, and there is no greater sacrifice.

It seemed like a good note to end on, according to him.

He stated that he does not want to go back to the role, but he would be lucky if they asked him to return.

The decision to kill off Bond was also intended to benefit the franchise.

Craig believes that a new actor should play the role, and the franchise should start with a new story.

He suggested starting at age 23, 25, or 30.

Craig’s next project is Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which will be released in cinemas on November 23.

While Craig has bid farewell to the iconic role of James Bond, fans will undoubtedly miss his portrayal of the beloved British spy.

No Time to Die is the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise and features Craig playing 007 for the fifth and final time.

The film was initially supposed to release in April 2020 but had to be postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It finally hit theaters in September 2021 and has received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

In the film, Bond is retired and living a peaceful life on his own until he is recruited by his old friend Felix Leiter to help rescue a kidnapped scientist.

The mission leads him to confront a dangerous new villain, Safin, who has a personal vendetta against Bond.

The movie also features Lashana Lynch as the new 007 agent and Ana de Armas as a CIA agent.

Craig’s portrayal of Bond has been widely praised for its grittiness and realism, departing from the suave and sophisticated portrayals of previous actors.

He has been credited with bringing a new level of depth and complexity to the iconic character, making him more relatable and human.

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