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Why Salma Hayek slapped Ryan Reynolds two times


Why Salma Hayek slapped Ryan Reynolds two times


Ryan Reynolds, the famous Deadpool actor, recently revealed that he was slapped twice by Salma Hayek on the sets of Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

The two stars were filming the movie’s sequel, which is set to release in 2021.

Salma Hayek will have a full-fledged role in the upcoming film, playing the character of Sonia.

The plot revolves around Hayek saving Reynolds’ character, Michael Brice, from assassins and assigning him the task of finding her missing husband without any weapons, according to a summary of the movie.

During the filming of the action-packed movie, there was a lot of handwork involved, and Reynolds revealed that he was slapped twice by Hayek and once by Samuel L.

Jackson, who also stars in the movie.


However, it was Hayek who did not pull her punches, and Reynolds can still feel the sharp sting of her tiny hand on his cheekbones.

“In Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, I’m slapped in the face twice by Salma Hayek and once by Samuel L. Jackson.

For the record, it was Salma who didn’t pull the punches.

Not even once,” said Reynolds.

“I can still feel the sharp sting of her tiny hand working its way into my soft Hollywood cheekbones.

May God have mercy on her soul.”

Hayek’s slapping skills were so intense that Reynolds joked about how it was a relief that she was not his wife as he would have been in trouble with her.

“Thankfully, I’m not her child or spouse, because I would not have survived,” quipped Reynolds.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is the sequel to the 2017 film The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which starred Reynolds, Jackson, and Gary Oldman.

The movie was a commercial success, grossing over $176 million worldwide.

Hayek’s appearance in the first movie was a special one, but she now has a more significant role in the sequel.

The actress is known for her roles in movies like Frida, Desperado, and From Dusk Till Dawn.

The movie’s trailer was released in June 2021, and it promises to be an action-packed ride with plenty of comedic moments.

The movie also stars Antonio Banderas, Morgan Freeman, and Richard E. Grant.

Reynolds is known for his candid and humorous interviews, and he doesn’t shy away from talking about the times he has been hit on set.

He is also famous for his portrayal of the Marvel character Deadpool, which he has played in two standalone movies and in the ensemble film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is slated to release in theaters on June 16, 2021.

Fans of Hayek and Reynolds are eagerly waiting to see them share screen space once again in this highly anticipated sequel.

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