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Jennifer Aniston worked as a bike messenger


Jennifer Aniston worked as a bike messenger


Actress Jennifer Aniston, who rose to fame through her role in Friends, shared details about a job she had before becoming famous during an interview on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon.

Aniston revealed that she worked as a bike messenger for just one day in New York City, while she was working part-time at an advertising agency where her mother was also employed.

Speaking about the incident, Aniston said, “One day their bike messenger just didn’t show up. And they were like, ‘Can you ride a bike?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I can ride a bike.'”

Despite the seemingly simple task, Aniston found the job more challenging and dangerous than she anticipated.

“In my brain, I don’t know how I survived the day. To be on 5th Avenue with traffic and all that I was holding. I think I might have gotten into a cab just to finish the day,” Aniston recounted.

She also shared that she doesn’t remember what happened to the bike, as the experience was all a blur.

Aniston had various jobs before making it big as an actress.

During the interview, she also spoke about her experience working as a host and then as a waiter at a restaurant before getting her first on-camera acting job in a commercial for Bob’s Big Boy.

Aniston admitted to being a “terrible waitress,” saying that she had “slippery fingers” and often dropped plates. However, she persisted in the job for two-and-a-half years.

Working in the service industry helped shape Aniston’s appreciation for good service, as she explained during a previous appearance on The Late Show.

“I sure do. And I always tip very, very well,” she said. Aniston’s experience as a server also informed her portrayal of waitressing roles in Friends and the movie Office Space.

Aniston’s career in entertainment began with a string of commercial and small-screen roles before she landed the role of Rachel Green in Friends.

During the interview with Fallon, Aniston spoke about the early commercial auditions she went on, describing the process as a “bizarre world.”

She also admitted to being a “disaster” during her audition for a children’s toy commercial, but ultimately found success in her later commercial work.

Aniston’s early years in the entertainment industry were marked by uncertainty and financial struggle.

In a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aniston revealed that she had to borrow money from a friend to pay her rent after her first television series, Molloy, was canceled after just one season.

She said that her financial difficulties made her more determined to succeed in her career.

Despite her difficulties early on, Aniston went on to achieve great success in Hollywood, winning multiple awards for her work in film and television.

She has also used her platform to advocate for various causes, including mental health and women’s rights.

In addition to her acting career, Aniston has also made headlines for her personal life, including her relationships with fellow actors Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

Aniston has been candid about her experiences with the media and has spoken out against the objectification and scrutiny of women in Hollywood.

Aniston is known for her philanthropic work, including her support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Stand Up to Cancer, and Friends of El Faro.

She has also been involved with various environmental causes, including a partnership with Shiseido to promote ocean conservation.

Despite her success and fame, Aniston has remained grounded and focused on her work.

In a 2020 interview with InStyle, Aniston spoke about her approach to life, saying, “I always say life is not a straight line. It’s a circle.bAnd I believe that things happen in the way that they’re supposed to.”

Aniston has also been open about her experiences with mental health, including her struggles with anxiety.

Aniston’s success and longevity in the entertainment industry have made her a role model for many aspiring actors and actresses.

In a 2019 interview with Variety, Aniston reflected on her career, saying, “I have a lot of gratitude for everything that’s happened in my career, and it’s a tough industry.”

Aniston has also been vocal about the importance of diversity and representation in Hollywood.

During the 2020 Emmy Awards, Aniston joined other celebrities in calling attention to the lack of diversity among nominees.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, “This is a long-overdue recognition of the fact that we need to do more as an industry to celebrate all the amazing talent out there, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or age.”


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