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Andrew Garfield lost role because he ‘wasn’t handsome enough’


Andrew Garfield lost role because he ‘wasn’t handsome enough’


Actor Andrew Garfield has recently revealed that he did not land a role in the 2008 film adaptation of “The Chronicles of Narnia” because he was not considered “handsome enough” for the part.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Garfield spoke about his experience auditioning for the role of Prince Caspian, a character in the fantasy sequel.

He said, “I remember I was so desperate. I auditioned for Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia, and I thought, ‘This could be it, this could be it’.”

The part ultimately went to fellow British actor Ben Barnes, and Garfield admitted to becoming “obsessed” with the decision.

He shared, “And that handsome, brilliant actor Ben Barnes ended up getting the role. I think it was down to me and him, and I remember I was obsessed.”

Garfield was understandably upset about not getting the role and decided to ask his agent for an explanation.


He stated, “Why not me? She eventually just broke under my incessant nagging and she was, like, ‘It’s because they don’t think you’re handsome enough, Andrew’.”

Despite this setback, Garfield has had a successful career in the acting industry, winning multiple awards and nominations.

In 2007, he won a television BAFTA for his role in “Boy A” and then went on to star as Spiderman in “The Amazing Spiderman” in 2012 and its sequel.

Furthermore, he has won a Tony and a Golden Globe, and has been nominated for two Oscars for his performances in “Tick, Tick… Boom!” and “Hacksaw Ridge”.

Despite his successful career, Garfield has also spoken about the societal pressure he has felt to get married and have children before turning 40.

In a November interview with British GQ, he said, “Releasing myself from the societal obligation of procreating by the time I’m 40 has been an interesting thing to do with myself… where do I start with why it didn’t happen?”

“It’s more about accepting a different path than what was kind of expected of me from birth.”

“Like, by this time you will have done this, and you will have at least one child – that kind of thing. I think I have some guilt around that. And, obviously, it’s easier for me as a man…”

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