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‘Brad Pitt is an abuser’ is trending on Twitter – Here’s why


‘Brad Pitt is an abuser’ is trending on Twitter – Here’s why


Brad Pitt’s reputation has taken a hit following accusations of domestic abuse from his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

The actor has faced harassment on social media and other spaces since the accusations came to light.

Despite this, Brad Pitt was recently spotted at a gala event sitting next to his ‘Babylon’ co-star Margot Robbie, appearing carefree and unbothered by the bad publicity.

Many fans have commented on his youthful appearance, despite being in his 50s.

However, not all social media users have been admiring Brad Pitt’s looks. Some Twitter users have been using the hashtag “Brad Pitt is an abuser” in light of Jolie’s accusations and lawsuit against him.

The accusations and lawsuit presented by Angelina Jolie detail a serious domestic abuse incident involving the actress and their son Maddox.


The troubling details of Jolie’s accusations have become a widely discussed topic.

Despite the bad press, Brad Pitt still made an appearance at the UK premiere of ‘Babylon’ on Thursday.

He is currently promoting the Damien Chazelle film, which has been nominated for multiple awards during the season.

Brad Pitt has not publicly spoken about any of the accusations made by Angelina Jolie.

Only his representatives have commented on the ongoing battle between the former couple, which has their children caught in the middle.

The actor has been spotted dating a number of celebrities, but he has recently appeared to be getting more serious with Ines de Ramon.

Amid all the negative press and social media backlash, Angelina Jolie has not yet made any public statements.

All that is available are the court documents in which she details the abuse on her and their son Maddox.

As things are currently progressing, it appears that an inevitable legal battle is on the horizon.

Some have even compared the situation to the highly publicized Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case.

The accusations and lawsuit presented by Angelina Jolie are serious and troubling for anyone who has read the account.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. It is important to remember that the court of public opinion is not the same as a court of law.

All parties involved should be given the opportunity to present their case and the legal process should be allowed to run its course.

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