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Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Worst Acting Role Ever

Photo credit: Jason Mendez – Getty Images


Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Worst Acting Role Ever


Ryan Reynolds discusses his worst acting job, which is luckily nothing like the ones he’s working on currently.

He, like everyone else, did not begin his career at the top of his game, but had to work his way up via less-than-ideal employment. One such part happened early in his career, when he was confronted with a new script minutes before the camera started rolling, rushing coworkers, and a slew of other challenges.

“One of my first jobs was on a sitcom and he was a pilot and I was maybe 18 or 19,” Reynolds told

“They rewrote everything just before the audience came in. So he was a pilot. There was a ton of stakes. It was a live audience and no one knew their lines. Everyone was trying to rapidly scramble and figure out.”

Photo credit: Jason Mendez – Getty Images

“That was actually where the first time I really tried to experiment with improvisation on camera in the moment. And it sort of saved my life in that moment, but it was definitely a nightmare scenario. It was the exact same dream you’re having where you’re just as unprepared as humanly possible. Your face is piping hot and there’s four or 500 people sitting in an audience watching you flounder.”


In terms of his present career, he has released three films in the last year: The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife, Free Guy, and, most recently, Red Notice.

Fans have chastised Reynolds for portraying the same role in every film. The interviewer then questioned if he thought this character in Red Notice was the most like himself he’d ever played.

“Nolan is the closest? No, definitely not. I think my next movie is a movie called The Adam Project. That is by far the closest to myself I will ever come, for better or worse. I’m nervous about that one for that reason. But no, Nolan is like part of my self-defense mechanism since I was a kid, that little guy that takes over when I’m nervous, shy or, terrified.”

It’s unclear what Reynolds’ next project will be, but many fans are speculating that it will be Deadpool 3. The widely awaited third installment will be the first Deadpool film produced by Marvel Studios and thus set within the MCU, and fans are anxious to see how Reynolds will adapt his smart-mouthed character to the family-friendly world. Reynolds has been tight-lipped on Deadpool 3’s work recently, but perhaps there will be more information soon. Let’s hope it’s a lot more enjoyable than the pilot he did years ago, and that whatever improv he performs is from a position of ease rather than dread.

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