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Henry Cavill stopped Amy Adams from French kissing him


Henry Cavill stopped Amy Adams from French kissing him


Henry Cavill, a prominent actor of our time, is known for his remarkable success and wealth. However, it has been revealed that there is something he is not skilled in, and this was shared by his Man of Steel co-star Amy Adams.

According to Adams, Cavill was not comfortable with using his tongue during kissing scenes.

This information came to light after a kissing scene between the two actors in the movie, where Adams tried to go for a French kiss, but Cavill rejected it.

The Uncomfortable Moment

During the filming of the Man of Steel, Cavill and Adams had to film a kissing scene, but things went awry when Adams attempted a French kiss.

Cavill was visibly uncomfortable and rejected the advance.


On The Graham Norton Show, Adams revealed that she learned the technique from director David O. Russell and applied it to Cavill, but he stated, “Too much, it was too much”.

Despite having a crush on Cavill, Adams felt awkward after sharing her admiration for him in front of him.

The Aftermath of the Incident

After the kissing incident, the two actors were reportedly awkward around each other on the set, but things eventually improved.

On the same show, Adams jokingly moved away from Cavill when she praised him for his good looks.

Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill is widely loved for his role as Clark Kent, also known as Superman, in the DC universe.

He even made a cameo appearance in Black Adam, hinting at a possible showdown between Superman and Black Adam in the future.

However, after James Gunn became co-head of DCU, he discarded Snyder’s Justice League, which included Cavill’s Superman, causing a lot of controversy and disappointment among fans.

Henry Cavill’s Current Projects

After the situation with DCU, Cavill joined forces with Amazon Studios and Vertigo Entertainment, and together they acquired the rights to adapt one of Cavill’s favorite childhood board games, Warhammer 40,000, into a web series. Cavill will not only star in the show as the character Gregor Eisenhorn, but he will also serve as an executive producer.

It is one of Cavill’s favorite childhood board games, and it is rumored that he will be playing the role of Gregor Eisenhorn, an Imperial Inquisitor.

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