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Kate Upton’s famous assets spill out of her outfit on set


Kate Upton’s famous assets spill out of her outfit on set


Kate Upton, a popular model known for her appearance in “Sports Illustrated,” had a hard time keeping her well-known assets in check during filming for her new movie on Thursday.

She was spotted filming with co-star Leslie Mann, bouncing up and down with excitement for their new comedy flick, “The Other Woman.”

The film also features stars Cameron Diaz and Taylor Kinney, who was photographed earlier in the week kissing Diaz on set.

The romantic scene between the two created quite a stir among fans, as Kinney is famously known as Lady Gaga’s boyfriend.

Aside from Diaz, Kinney, Upton, and Mann, the movie also includes rapper Nicki Minaj in its star-studded cast.

The film is set to be released in the following year.

Upton has been making her mark in the entertainment industry, having previously starred in films such as “The Layover” and “The Disaster Artist.”

The model has also been known to make headlines due to her curvaceous figure and bubbly personality.

Mann, on the other hand, is no stranger to comedy films, having starred in hit comedies like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “This Is 40.”

Mann’s chemistry with Upton on set was apparent, as the two were seen laughing and enjoying each other’s company during breaks in filming.


Meanwhile, Diaz, who plays the lead role in the film, has had a successful acting career spanning several decades, having starred in films such as “There’s Something About Mary” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

Diaz has also been praised for her versatility as an actress, having successfully tackled both comedic and dramatic roles.

Kinney, who is relatively new to the acting scene, has been gaining attention for his performance in the TV series “Chicago Fire.”

The actor has also been making waves in Hollywood due to his high-profile relationship with Lady Gaga.

Overall, the cast and crew of “The Other Woman” have been hard at work filming the comedy flick, which promises to be a hilarious and star-studded addition to Hollywood’s repertoire.

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