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Drake Flirts with Vanessa Hudgens at Awards show


Drake Flirts with Vanessa Hudgens at Awards show


The Billboard Music Awards saw rapper, Drake, set a new record by winning 13 awards, the most won by any artist in a single year.

The former record was held by Adele.

In his first acceptance speech, Drake, known for being a romantic, spoke about the importance of showing love while we are on Earth, “It’s crazy that we’re all here on Earth for a limited amount of time, and we need to show love while we’re here,” he said.

He then went on to make a public declaration to Vanessa Hudgens, “Vanessa Hudgens, you look incredible tonight,” which even shocked his friend, Nicki Minaj.

After the award ceremony, fans noticed that Drake followed Hudgens on Instagram and started liking her photos.

He even added a ring emoji in the comment section on one of her videos. It should be noted that Hudgens has been in a long-term relationship with Austin Butler for the past six years.

Drake’s affection wasn’t limited to just Vanessa Hudgens. He also professed his love for Nicki Minaj twice on stage and even kissed Kate Beckinsale’s hand.

In a backstage moment, he even bowed down to Celine Dion.

While Drake’s pursuits may be a dead-end in regards to Vanessa Hudgens, it’s clear that he wasn’t shy about expressing his feelings at the awards ceremony.

He lived up to his reputation as a hopeless romantic and made sure to spread love in any way he could.

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