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Shirley Temple suffered intense abuse as a child


Shirley Temple suffered intense abuse as a child


Shirley Temple is known as one of the most famous child stars in Hollywood history.

Her iconic performances in films such as The Little Colonel and Bright Eyes captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

However, behind the scenes, Temple’s life was far from the fairy tale that her films portrayed.

In fact, she endured horrific work conditions and abuse from Hollywood moguls, and yet she emerged from it all unscarred, a testament to her resilience.

Temple’s film career began when she was only three years old, with her first credited role in the 1932 film War Babies.

She was also part of the Baby Burlesks, a series of satirical shorts where children mimicked adults.


Unfortunately, this often meant that they dressed in adult costumes and were subjected to sexually suggestive situations.

Temple was sent to a punishment box when she misbehaved, and she was also forced to work while injured or recovering from surgery.

Temple’s success and fame continued to grow, and she signed with MGM at the age of 12. However, this decision exposed her to further abuse and exploitation from Hollywood moguls.

One of these moguls was Arthur Freed, a producer who exposed himself to her during a private meeting.

Another was David O. Selznick, who attempted to assault her when she was 17.

Despite the abuse and mistreatment she faced, Temple refused to let it define her.

She fought off sexual predators and even sued famous writer Graham Greene for libel when he made lecherous comments about her.

Temple’s father also robbed her of most of her childhood earnings, but she forgave him and moved on.

Temple’s resilience and strength are truly remarkable, especially given the many nasty rumors that were spread about her.

Some people claimed that she was not a child at all, but rather an elderly dwarf.

Others suggested that she wore a wig and that her teeth were filed to make them look like baby teeth.

Temple’s personal life was also filled with challenges. She married John Agar, who was an abusive alcoholic, and they divorced after five years.

Additionally, Temple was almost cast as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but the role ultimately went to Judy Garland.

Despite all of these challenges, Temple persevered and continued to act in films until she retired at the age of 22.

She wrote in her autobiography that she emerged from her traumatic experiences unscarred, a testament to her resilience and strength.

Shirley Temple’s story is a model of child star resilience, and a reminder that even in the face of great adversity, it is possible to overcome and succeed.

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