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Jack Nicholson broke Angelica Huston’s heart repeatedly

Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson In ‘The Shining’ | CREDIT: WARNER BROTHERS/GETTY


Jack Nicholson broke Angelica Huston’s heart repeatedly


Actress Anjelica Huston moved to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling and acting career when she was 21.

During this time, she met Jack Nicholson, a “bad boy” actor, who would become her romantic partner for almost two decades.

Huston’s second biographical book, Watch Me, published in 2014, provided intimate details about her relationship with Nicholson.

Huston’s father was the famous film director John Huston, and she acted in his final film, The Dead.

She first met Nicholson at his birthday party, which he hosted at his estate on Mulholland Drive.

Huston had admired Nicholson since watching him in Easy Rider in 1969.


Nicholson called her a few days later to plan their first date, but then cancelled it to meet with his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Phillips.

Despite this early red flag, Huston continued seeing Nicholson and moved in with him while he was working on Chinatown.

Throughout their relationship, Nicholson’s behavior was erratic.

For example, when a young German model flirted with Nicholson at a restaurant, Huston tried to leave the table, but he wouldn’t let her go.

“Don’t ever stand up like that to leave,” he told her. But there were also moments when Nicholson was deeply emotional and caring towards Huston.

One incident that particularly hurt Huston was when they attended a Carole King concert with Joni Mitchell.

Nicholson sat with Mitchell, while Huston was left alone.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Nicholson left Huston on the street while he rode on the back of a motorbike with French girls.

Nicholson gave Huston various nicknames, including “Fab” and “Toot,” but their relationship came to a head when he announced at a dinner table that he was going to be a father with another woman.

Nicholson’s girlfriend was actress and model Rebecca Broussard, and they had two children together. This was the final straw for Huston.

Before moving on with her life, Huston paid Nicholson back by physically assaulting him.

“Goddamn, Toots, you sure landed some blows on me,” he said over the phone after the incident.

Huston received a pearl and diamond bracelet, once gifted from Frank Sinatra to Ava Gardner, from Nicholson as a Christmas present that year.

Huston married Mexican-American sculptor Robert Graham in 1992, and they were together until his death in 2008.

Nicholson continued his relationship with Broussard until 1994. Nicholson later referred to Huston as his main love.

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