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Celebrities who are overly entitled and bratty


Celebrities who are overly entitled and bratty


Several celebrities have been accused of bad behavior over the years, including James Corden, Ellen DeGeneres, Reese Witherspoon, Kendall Jenner, Tom Cruise, and Pierce Brosnan.

While it’s a well-known rule in Hollywood that the phrase “Don’t you know who I am?” is taboo, some celebrities have used it or something similar when losing their cool.

Corden, the host of The Late Late Show, is currently facing accusations of being abusive with staff and demanding a round of drinks from a well-respected New York City restaurateur over a wrong order.

According to Keith McNally, the owner of Balthazar, Corden clicked his fingers to get a round of drinks.

The comedian has since apologized, and McNally lifted the ban on Corden from Balthazar restaurants.

Reese Witherspoon, known for her roles as the pink-loving Elle in Legally Blonde, reportedly acted like a diva when her husband was being arrested for DUI in 2013.


According to a police report at the time, she said, “Do you know my name? . . . You’re about to find out who I am.”

She later apologized and said in a statement that the words she used that night did not reflect who she is, and she respected the police.

Kendall Jenner’s bad behavior was exposed by a member of her family.

In a previous episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall got into a heated argument with her sister Kylie, prompting Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, to intervene.

He told Kendall she had been a rude person for years, to which she fired back that just because she didn’t kiss his ass didn’t mean she was an a**hole.

Rob Brydon, Corden’s co-star on Gavin & Stacey, revealed that he had words with Corden when the actor became unpleasant as his fame soared.

He was burning the candle at both ends and becoming ratty and irritable, according to Rob. Corden confirmed the incident in 2012.

Tom Cruise reportedly left the cast and crew on set of Mission: Impossible 7 shaken in 2020 when he erupted over colleagues breaking COVID health and safety measures.

Ellen DeGeneres, the former host of The Ellen Show, has been accused of bad behavior by both staff and guests at Ellen wasn’t invited.

The Ellen Show was hit with multiple allegations of mistreating staff, leading to the program’s end.

During a game segment on The Late Late Show, Corden recalled an awkward encounter with Pierce Brosnan, who apparently pushed him out of the way without even glancing at him.

Corden later joked that Brosnan was just a bit rude.

Other celebrities accused of bad behavior include Christian Bale, who famously yelled at a crew member during the filming of Terminator Salvation, and Justin Bieber, who spat on fans from a hotel balcony in Toronto.

Despite their bad behavior, some celebrities have also been praised for their kindness and generosity.

Dolly Parton, for instance, has donated millions of dollars to various causes, including the COVID-19 vaccine research.

Angelina Jolie has also been praised for her humanitarian work, including her efforts to help refugees and bring attention to human rights issues.

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