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How Brendan Fraser went broke and lost it all


How Brendan Fraser went broke and lost it all


Brendan Fraser, known for his roles in the popular film The Mummy, has seen his net worth decline from $45 million to $20 million.

Although he never stopped acting, he has had fewer high-profile roles in recent years due to a combination of health issues, legal battles, and financial problems.

Fraser’s health began to decline while he was filming the third Mummy film, causing him to undergo several surgeries.

“I was virtually ‘put together with tape and ice…I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily,” he said.

This made it difficult for him to continue with action films, which resulted in fewer paychecks and less money.

Fraser also faced financial issues, including a request to lower his alimony payment to his ex-wife, Afton Smith, which was $50,000 a month.


This was due to his declining earnings and the fact that he was losing $87,320.01 a month to child support, mortgages, property tax, income tax, and gardening expenses.

Fraser was also caught up in several legal battles.

One of these involved a dispute with his ex-wife, who accused him of fraud after discovering that he had over $20 million in assets and had allegedly concealed $9 million in movie contracts.

Another legal battle involved a dispute with producer Todd Moyer over the titular role of William Tell.

Fraser sued Moyer for breach of contract and fraud after the movie did not get picked up.

In return, Moyer sued Fraser over two alleged physical attacks, which caused further strain on Fraser’s finances.

In addition to these issues, Fraser was involved in a scandal with a Hollywood executive during a Golden Globes luncheon in 2003.

Fraser said he was assaulted by Philip Berk, an ex-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

This left him mentally scarred and he retreated from mainstream Hollywood for a while, wondering if he had been blacklisted.

He blames the Berk incident as the main cause of his fewer roles.

Despite these challenges, Fraser never stopped acting and had at least one credit for every year since making it onto the scene in 1991.

In 2014, Tribeca Film called him “the movie star that Hollywood forgot,” but he had five credits the year before.

They just weren’t notable credits.

Fraser has since made a comeback to Hollywood.

His movie The Whale was critically acclaimed and he is now nominated for the Oscar Award for Best Actor.

The film did require him to gain a significant amount of weight, which caused some fans to worry for his health and mental state.

Nevertheless, Fraser has returned to acting in a big way, and fans are looking forward to his upcoming projects.

Fraser’s ongoing role in the television show Doom Patrol and his casting in the CW’s Professionals will only increase his net worth moving forward.

During an interview, Fraser got emotional when discussing the public’s desire to see him back on-screen.

With fans rooting for Fraser and his comeback, it’s clear that the actor will be just fine!

Fraser’s decline in net worth is not uncommon in the entertainment industry.

While celebrities may be some of the richest people in the world, they can still face financial struggles due to a variety of factors.

Mel Gibson, for example, lost half his net worth due to being “blacklisted (sort of) for some questionable behavior.”

Other celebrities may squander their fortunes in a reckless manner, but Fraser’s case is different.

Fraser’s decline in net worth is mainly due to a combination of health issues and legal battles, as well as financial problems.

However, he has persevered through these challenges and has continued to act, ultimately making a successful comeback to the industry.

Fraser’s resilience and determination to continue his career despite these setbacks are admirable.

He is an example of how even when facing adversity, one can still overcome it with perseverance and hard work.

Furthermore, Fraser’s willingness to discuss his struggles with the public has helped raise awareness about the difficulties that actors face in the industry.

It highlights the importance of mental and physical health, as well as financial planning.

Overall, Fraser’s story is one of perseverance and determination.

Despite facing a decline in net worth and a number of challenges in his personal and professional life, he has continued to pursue his passion for acting.

His successful comeback serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges.

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