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‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Turned Down Hawkeye Role

Jeremy Renner | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images


‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Turned Down Hawkeye Role


Jensen Ackles has been on our television screens for a long time, and while we loved him on his beloved CW program “Supernatural,” in which he co-stars with Jared Padalecki, we could have been watching him on the big screen all along!

In 2009, Ackles auditioned for Captain America but was passed up. Chris Evans was cast in the role, which was almost ideal for him. But the studio elected to retain Jensen on board. He apparently pleased Marvel executives enough that he was offered the part of Hawkeye instead.

Unfortunately for Ackles, the filming schedule conflicted with his obligations to Supernatural, according to Screen Rant.

Later, Jeremy Renner was cast in the part, and fans have fallen in love with him.

Despite the fact that Jensen Ackles has no remorse about missing out on one of the largest performing roles in movie history, it appears that it was not his decision. At the time, the actor had already committed to his program “Supernatural,” which he had been on for over five years. Unfortunately, the schedule of Marvel’s “Avengers” clashed with that of The CW’s “Supernatural,” forcing Jensen to reject the role.

Ackles was a touch too glossy to be a superhero who had gone through the ringer. For the part, Jeremy Renner possessed a captivating blend of physical and emotional seriousness. He was also convincing as a family man who wanted to spend as much time with his children as possible.

Renner’s Hawkeye performance hasn’t been without its detractors. According to Wired, people remarked on his obvious lack of archer talents in The Avengers. Plus, according to The Independent, he was accused of threatening to kill his previous wife, a situation in which Disney almost dropped him.

Renner was able to transform Hawkeye into a more compelling character. Renner’s cinematic background undoubtedly aided him in this. When auditioning for Hawkeye, Ackles had only a few films under his belt.

He had only appeared in a handful horror/fantasy films prior to auditioning, notably My Bloody Valentine 3D.

While it’s odd to consider that the “Avengers” cast might have been completely different, we can’t see anybody else portraying Dean Winchester alongside his TV brother, Sam Winchester, portrayed by Jared Padelecki. “Supernatural” has been on the air for 15 years! Jensen seemed to have made the right decision. Isn’t it true that everything happens for a reason?


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