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Scarlett Johansson wants actresses to be paid much more

John Travolta greets Scarlett Johansson at the Oscars (Picture: EPA)


Scarlett Johansson wants actresses to be paid much more


Scarlett Johansson is a successful Hollywood actress and executive producer, known for her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as the star of the upcoming Black Widow film.

In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Johansson spoke out about the pay gap faced by actresses in the entertainment industry.

Many people attribute the unequal pay to sexism and discrimination against women in Hollywood.

Johansson shared that her experiences as a child actor taught her about the disparity in pay between men and women in the industry.

She stated, “As a woman, you have to be [your own ally] all the time. Because we are underminded and underserved and under-appreciated and underpaid – you have to be your own ally.”

Despite the challenges she has faced, Johansson has achieved impressive financial success. In 2019 alone, she earned $56 million and has a total net worth of $159 million.


The release of Black Widow is expected to add an additional $25 million to her income.

In addition to discussing the pay gap, Johansson addressed the criticism she has received for her casting decisions in the past.

She has faced accusations of “whitewashing” characters, including her role in the live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime film Ghost in the Shell.

In this case, Johansson played the lead character originally written for a Japanese protagonist.

Johansson has also faced backlash for accepting roles that could have gone to smaller actors. In one instance, she was cast as a transgender male in a film, but ultimately withdrew from the project following backlash.

Johansson defended her right to take on any role as an actor, stating, “You know, as an actor, I should be allowed to play any person, or any tree or any animal because that is my job and the requirements of my job.”

Despite the controversy surrounding some of her casting decisions, Johansson uses her platform and influence in Hollywood to raise awareness about discrimination against women and minority groups.

She joins a group of other Marvel Cinematic Universe actors, such as Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo, in speaking out about these issues.

Johansson’s activism has not gone unnoticed, and she has received praise for her efforts to bring attention to important social and cultural issues.

However, some people have criticized her for appearing to pander to the “woke mob,” or those who prioritize social and political progressivism.

These critics argue that Johansson has a “checkered history” with the woke mob, and that her activism is motivated by a desire to make up for past mistakes or controversial actions.

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