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Mark Wahlberg Was Charged With Attempted Murder

Mark Wahlberg | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images


Mark Wahlberg Was Charged With Attempted Murder


Mark Wahlberg’s life was far from perfect, and drugs were far from the worst thing he did. Horrible racially motivated attacks went hand in hand with those. He and a group of buddies chased down three African Americans when he was 15, hurling stones at them and yelling racist slurs.

He was found guilty of this crime for infringing on his victims’ human rights. He was barred from assaulting, threatening, or intimidating anybody on the basis of race or nationality by the court. That didn’t deter young Mark, though.

Two years later, Wahlberg attacked two Vietnamese men while under the influence of narcotics in an even worse incident. He screamed racist comments at them and whacked them with a wooden stick during the incident. One of them was knocked out by him. Mark Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder in this case. At the end of the day, the court only found him guilty of assault. The entire episode was deemed contempt of court due to a previous court restriction against disparaging other nations or races in any way. As a result, he was sentenced to two years in jail. Wahlberg, on the other hand, only served 45 days.



Mark Wahlberg reveals How He Got In Trouble With His Wife On Valentine’s Day

 Feb 16, 2022


Mark Wahlberg has spoken up about his Valentine’s Day celebrations and how he “got in trouble” with his wife, Rhea Durham, on the occasion.

Rhea, who has been married to the Boston native for more than 12 years, advised her husband that this year they should not exchange gifts. Mark revealed that in the past, he would send flowers to Rhea on behalf of their four children—Ella, 18, Michael, 15, Brendan, 13, and Grace, 12—and also give her a large bouquet from himself.

He canceled his normal plans this year due to Rhea’s suggestion, but the 43-year-old did not follow her own counsel.

That was not the plan, as the 50-year-old actor swiftly discovered. “So, I actually believed her for the first time,” he continued. “When I got into my bathroom in the morning, I had a card, three gifts and rose petals and I was like ‘holy shhh.”

“So I was trying to figure it out, I did have the flowers coming anyway and a card, but we were supposed to go on a trip. So hopefully, she’ll still go with me.”

Mark booked dinner plans to help him recuperate even more, but his wife suggested they go another day. “And then, of course, I got in trouble for saying, ‘OK,’ to that too,” the Four Brothers star continued.

“I got the 4:30 reservations,” the Daddy’s Home actor said. “I can make it seem like I rented the whole place out because nobody’s there yet. But it didn’t work out.”

We are confident that the longstanding pair will be able to overcome this misunderstanding, given that they have been together for more than two decades and never fail to express their love for one another.

Regardless of how his Valentine’s Day went, Wahlberg used the occasion to pay tribute to his loved ones on Instagram. “My valentines❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” he captioned an Instagram photo of his four children and wife.

Mark talked about how his wife made him a better person in a 2008 interview with The Sun. The Transformers star stated, “I owe a lot to my wife. She has helped me become the man that I am and created a beautiful life for me and our children.”


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