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Mark Wahlberg’s history of hate crimes resurfaces after calling for end of racism

Mark Wahlberg (Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)


Mark Wahlberg’s history of hate crimes resurfaces after calling for end of racism


Mark Wahlberg has been accused of hypocrisy after the emergence of his history of hate crimes as a result of a post on George Floyd.

Following George Floyd’s death on May 25, Mark shared a photo of the 46-year-old on social media with the caption, “The murder of George Floyd is heartbreaking. We must all work together to fix this problem. I’m praying for all of us. God bless.”

His name started to trend As a lot of notable people pointed out the hypocrisy of his tweet.

Many individuals were eager to point out the actor’s history of crimes against people of color.

“Wait a minute. John Boyega is worried he won’t work again because he was vocal at an anti-racism protest but Mark Wahlberg has a slew of hate crimes incidents on his Wikipedia page but he has jobs left and right. What the actual F,” one fan commented.

A civil rights injunction was obtained against Wahlberg and two of his pals in 1986 after they hurled rocks at a group of 10 and 11-year-old black youngsters while shouting obscenities such as “kill the n****rs” until an ambulance driver intervened.


The then-teenager was warned that he would go to prison if he was found committing another hate crime.

Mark spent 45 days of a 90-day jail term in 1988, when he was 16 years old, after being convicted of assault on Vietnamese-American males.

“Mark Wahlberg hurled rocks at black children while screaming “Kill the n*****s!” He beat a Vietnamese man unconscious and was charged for attempted murder. He’s committed at least 5 hate crimes. He only apologised while seeking a pardon 26 years later,” comic book artist Adam Ellis tweeted.

“If you still don’t know what white privilege is, Mark Wahlberg committed hate crimes, has a Wikipedia section dedicated to it, and we never ever talk about it,” publicist Danny Deraney wrote.

He settled a civil case in 1993 after being accused of breaking a neighbor’s jaw during what court papers said was a prolonged assault.

Wahlberg attempted to have the hate crimes expunged from his record in 2014, but subsequently withdrew the request and said that he regretted doing so.

Speaking to reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival, he said he regretted seeking the pardon but thought “some good did come out of it” since he was able to meet and apologize to one of his victims.

Some of Wahlberg’s supporters defended him, saying it’s essential to see the actor’s attitude evolve with time.

If you are attacking Mark Wahlberg for his past, please remember that people can change. After all the entire Republican Party went from being the party of the Constitution to the party of burning the Constitution in fewer than 4 years.
— – Heidi (@HKrassenstein) June 7, 2020

Another fan wrote, “Does modern society offer any pathways to societal #redemption anymore? If people cannot have racism in their past, overcome it and then speak out in support of said race, what is the point of educating and building empathy? Will changed people always be persecuted?”

After the social media backlash, the title of the actor’s Wikipedia page’s “Hate crimes” section has been altered to “Racial incidents.”

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