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Princess Anne’s special bond with Prince Philip



Princess Anne’s special bond with Prince Philip


Prince Philip, who was 99 years old at the time of his death, passed away in April. Princess Anne, the royal’s only daughter, was very close to him and had a particular place in his heart. Anne’s relationship with her father has been examined in greater depth.


“They were supportive and never really quibbled about what you wanted to do,” she said, according to royal biographer Ingrid Seward. “There were occasional comments like – ‘Was that really a good idea?’ I don’t think that any of us for a second thought that she [the Queen] didn’t care for us in the same way as any other mother did.”


And their intimate bond was formalized when Anne became the first person to take her father’s surname after he said that he wanted his offspring to be known as both Windsors and his.

The Princess Royal was born in 1950, a year after Prince Charles was welcomed into the world by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Princes Andrew and Edward, the royal couple’s third and fourth children, were born over a decade later.



Sports was a common interest between Prince Philip and his daughter.

Anne has spent the most of her life helping her nation, having entered public life at the age of eighteen. She is frequently praised as one of the most hardworking royals, and she topped the list last year, doing an incredible 540 official engagements at home and abroad.


Following her succession in 1952, the Queen declared that all male and unmarried female descendants of George V would take the surname Windsor.

However, in 1960, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh agreed that their direct offspring should be known by Prince Philip’s surname.

So they added Mountbatten, the surname Prince Philip adopted when he became a naturalized British citizen in 1947.


Philip’s connection with his children has previously been discussed openly by close friends and family, with many suggesting that Anne is his favorite child. The Princess has acquired many traits from her father, including a passion for athletics and a desire to dedicate her life to serving as a working royal. “[Philip] always had more fun with Anne. Charles is more like the Queen, while Anne is very like Prince Philip,” Eileen Parker, wife of Philip’s close friend Mike Parker, previously said in the Daily Mail.


After 65 years of service, Prince Philip announced his retirement in 2017 at the age of 96. When asked if she would ever reduce her obligations, Anne told the BBC in 2010: ”Look around at the members of my family who are considerably older than me and tell me whether they have set an example which suggests I might – unlikely.”

“She’s just like Prince Philip,” Ashley Walton, a former royal correspondent for the Daily Express, previously told Hello of the Princess Royal.

“She’s as strong as he is, takes no nonsense, takes no prisoners.”


It began at an early age, with Philip, who is reputed to have had a tumultuous relationship with a young Prince Charles, encouraging Anne’s bold and fearless character throughout her youth.

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