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Prince Harry’s friend says complaints about childhood ‘no different from Charles’ upbringing moans’

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Prince Harry’s friend says complaints about childhood ‘no different from Charles’ upbringing moans’


Prince Harry’s complaints about his childhood are similar to Charles’ complaints about his upbringing.

Sources close to Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, say his complaints about childhood are no different from his father’s disapproval of his own parents.

When it came to raising his children, the Duke of Sussex said that he wanted to “break the cycle” of “pain and suffering.” As a root cause, Harry alluded to Charles’ and, by extension, the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s upbringing.

Prince Harry’s harsh criticism of his upbringing mirrors information shared by a younger Prince Charles in a biography of his own troubled childhood.

Harry said in a podcast of his problems growing up in the royal family that he struggled with his mental health and wondered whether he would ever be able to have a family.

However, while being chastised for ‘complaining,’ sources have told the Telegraph that in his 1994 biography, ‘The Prince of Wales: A Biography,’ Charles speaks out about his own ‘unhappy relationship’ with his parents.


Charles portrayed himself as an outsider in the Royal Family in his Biography.

He also said that his mother, the Queen, was physically and emotionally distant, and that his father, Prince Philip, was “harsh” and “hectoring”, while favoring his younger sister Anne.

The 600-page book, which Mr Dimbleby authorised after lengthy interviews with Prince Charles.

The book was widely considered as the Charles’ account of the breakdown of his marriage to Princess Diana.

According to the book, Charles blamed Philip for sending him to a high school in Scotland, where he was bullied, and said he was forced into marriage.

On Monday, Royal aides rebuked the Duke of Sussex, 36, for saying that Prince Charles and the Queen had failed him as a child, claiming he had displayed a “woeful lack of compassion” for his family.

Prince Harry told Dax Shepard, host of the ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, that his father treated him “the way he was treated,” and that he wondered, “How can I change that for my own kids?”

The Duke went on to say that he and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had moved to the United States to ‘break the cycle’ of ‘genetic pain’ he had felt as a child.

Harry’s remarks about his family during his first interview with Oprah, as well as more recently on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, have gotten him into trouble.

Harry and Meghan said that a member of the Royal Family was “concerned” about the skin color of their baby Archie, and that his father, Prince Charles, was no longer answering his calls.

He also told Dax that he wanted to deliberately raise his children differently than he was raised, citing “genetic pain” as a reason.

Omid Scobie, Meghan and Harry’s friend, tweeted last week about Charles’s “unresolved childhood issues” which were described in the book.

Scobie, who worked on the Megxit biography Finding Freedom, sought to reaffirm the Duke of Sussex’s remarks that his father “suffered” as a result of his childhood and then treated him the same way.

The analogy comes as a new trailer for Harry and Oprah Winfrey’s forthcoming Apple TV mental health series has been released.

The Duke is expected to speak about his mother’s death and his experience attending her funeral, according to the trailer.

The five-part documentary series titled “The Me You Can’t See” will be released on Friday.

Senior palace aides told The Mail on Sunday of an increasing sense of ‘bewilderment and betrayal,’ and also called for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to relinquish their titles.

The Prince’s courtiers have said that during the new podcast interview, the Prince “threw others under the bus,” according to The Telegraph.

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1 Comment

  1. A calver

    July 16, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Should loose all financial help and titles do not deserve anything for the Disgusting attacks on the royal family , be gone and hide away for ever , neither of you !!!

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