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“You should not be an actress”: Winona Ryder Was Branded “The Ugly Girl” As She Lost Many Jobs For Not Being Pretty Enough


“You should not be an actress”: Winona Ryder Was Branded “The Ugly Girl” As She Lost Many Jobs For Not Being Pretty Enough


Winona Ryder, an American actress, is known for her peculiar or unconventional roles in the film industry.

These roles not only gave her a strong foothold in the industry but also set her apart from her female co-stars.

However, the main reason behind her playing these different roles than her peers was because of the way she looked.

Winona was not considered pretty or attractive enough and was offered ‘the ugly girl’ roles.

She was even told that she would not be able to make it in Hollywood due to her looks.

Regarded as not being pretty or attractive enough as per the beauty standards of that time, most of her scripts had her play the unattractive girl.


In one interview, Winona Ryder revealed how the majority of roles she was offered early on were for unattractive characters and that she lost out on roles due to her looks.

She remembered a casting director bluntly telling her that she was not pretty enough and should go back to school.

“If I showed you scripts from my first few movies, the descriptions of the characters all said “the ugly girl.” Starting with the character I played in Lucas; she was described as homely, unattractive.”

Despite these experiences while she was still a teenager, Winona Ryder was not even mildly bothered by this criticism.

She called herself lucky and says it wasn’t until Dracula that people started calling her pretty.

Back when the whole of Hollywood and even her peers considered her not pretty enough, Winona Ryder found support from the director Tim Burton.

The actress who collaborated with Burton for two of her major roles, says that it was Burton’s support that helped her navigate through those times.

She credits Tim Burton with helping her in getting to know him as a person and a friend.

“I kind of went from feeling a little bit weird to feeling very special.”

Winona Ryder’s journey through the film industry is a testament to resilience and talent that continues to inspire and encourage budding actors.

Despite being told she was not pretty enough, she persevered and carved out a successful career in Hollywood.

Now considered among the timeless beauties of Hollywood, the Edward Scissorhands star was once branded as the ugly girl by the whole of Hollywood.

Winona Ryder’s story highlights how beauty standards in Hollywood can be damaging to aspiring actors and actresses.

It is important that people are valued for their talents and skills rather than their looks alone.

In conclusion, Winona Ryder’s experience shows us the importance of resilience and determination.

She is an inspiration to many who have faced similar obstacles in their lives.

With her hard work and perseverance, she has made a name for herself in Hollywood and continues to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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