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Marlon Brando was abducted by Frank Sinatra in fight for woman


Marlon Brando was abducted by Frank Sinatra in fight for woman


Back in the mid-1950s, Marlon Brando hired a bodyguard during the filming of “Guys and Dolls”. This decision was reportedly made after Brando was kidnapped and threatened by individuals believed to be working for his co-star, Frank Sinatra.

Tension between the two actors had been growing on set, with Sinatra allegedly giving Brando the derogatory nickname “Mumbles” and Brando purposely messing up Sinatra’s lines.

The situation escalated after Sinatra learned that his ex-wife, Ava Gardner, had visited Brando in his dressing room.

Brando was then reportedly abducted and threatened by a group of men, but managed to escape without injury.

Carlo Fiore, a friend of Brando, claimed that Sinatra was behind the incident. After the incident, Brando reportedly avoided Sinatra and hired a bodyguard for protection.

Despite their personal issues, “Guys and Dolls” was a success. The film, which starred Brando as Sky Masterson and Sinatra as Nathan Detroit, was well-received by critics and audiences alike.


However, the tumultuous relationship between the two actors meant that they never worked together again.

The genesis of their problems seems to be that Sinatra wanted the part of Sky, and was already disappointed after losing out to Brando for the starring role in “On the Waterfront”.

Sinatra reportedly felt that the role was rightfully his, and harbored a grudge against Brando before filming even began.

James Kaplan, the author of “Sinatra: The Chairman”, told Closer Weekly that Sinatra “detested the ground that Brando walked on”.

Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz explained that Sinatra and Brando had fundamental differences.

Sinatra was a product of Hollywood glamour, while Brando was a new breed of actor who openly disdained Hollywood.

On the set of “Guys and Dolls”, Sinatra is said to have called Brando “Mumbles” as a way of belittling him.

Meanwhile, Brando reportedly took aim at Sinatra by purposely messing up his lines during a scene in which Sinatra was eating cake, forcing him to eat the dessert over and over again.

Mankiewicz said that Brando “definitely did it on purpose” as a way of punishing Sinatra for his disruptive behavior.

Sinatra was known to prefer doing as few takes as possible, so Brando’s tactic would have particularly bothered him.

The feud between Brando and Sinatra eventually reached a boiling point after Ava Gardner became involved.

According to Express, the situation became much more serious after Sinatra found out about Gardner’s visit to Brando’s dressing room.

Brando was then reportedly abducted and threatened, although the threat was ultimately not carried out.

Fiore, who was staying at Brando’s house at the time, said that the “On the Waterfront” star arrived home at 2am looking “like he’d just visited hell and escaped with his life”.

Fiore claimed that Brando had stopped at a rest stop while riding his motorcycle, and a group of men pulled a gun on him and forced him into a car.

Fiore said that the men told Brando they would either kill him, or let him live but castrate him and mutilate his face.

Fiore believes that Sinatra was behind the incident, and said that he had heard that Sinatra had threatened and intimidated other people in his life.

“Why not Marlon?”, Fiore said. “His arch-enemy number one…” It has long been rumored that Sinatra had connections to the mafia, although he consistently denied this. S

inatra’s FBI file, which was made public after his death, showed that the agency had monitored his relationships with certain figures in organized crime.

After the incident, Fiore said that Brando gave Sinatra “a wide berth” and hired a bodyguard to protect himself. “Guys and Dolls” was ultimately a success, but it was unsurprising that the two actors never shared the screen again.

The animosity between Brando and Sinatra was well-known, and their personal differences ultimately overshadowed their work on the film.

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