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Why Prince Charles wore a blue suit to Princess Diana’s funeral, and not a black one

Prince Charles and his sons look at flowers for Princess Diana (Image: GETTY)


Why Prince Charles wore a blue suit to Princess Diana’s funeral, and not a black one


Prince Charles, who reportedly insisted on walking behind Diana’s casket with his brother-in-law, kids, and father, wore a blue suit that stood out amid the black.

For events like these, Charles was typically the pillar of protocol, so seeing him break away in what could only be characterized as Diana-like manner, and was unexpected.

The blue Saville Row suit he selected was a sign of respect for his ex-wife rather than contempt.

Prince Charles walking with his sons, father and former brother-in-law (Image: GETTY)

According to royal historian Brian Hoey, the suit was Diana’s favorite, and she even assisted the Prince in choosing it in 1997.

He told People at the time, ‘She preferred him in blue than in black or grey. It was a lovely, silent compliment to her.’


The couple’s marriage was one of the major plot lines in the most recent season of The Crown, and many people close to the royal family were critical of the show’s portrayal of their relationship.

According to the sources, there were numerous factual errors, although they did get some things correct.


Song that gave Charles ‘irresistible urge to get up and dance’

Prince Charles has shared some of his favorite songs, including one that makes him feel a “an irresistible urge to get up and dance.”

The heir to the British throne talked on the program, Music & Memories With HRH The Prince Of Wales, about how he has been “profoundly impressed by the dedication shown by our wonderful NHS [National Health Service] staff and volunteers right across the country.” He praised them for their assistance “”sheer tenacity and indomitable spirit” in “this most testing of times”.

Charles selected songs by The Three Degrees, Diana Ross, and Edith Piaf for a special program pre-recorded for the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA).

Charles spoke about some of his favorite songs from his life, including “Givin’ Up, Givin’ In,” which The Three Degrees played at his 30th birthday and “long ago, used to provide me with an irresistible urge to get up and dance.”

Other songs on his 13-song list include Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose, Diana Ross’ Upside Down, Eimear Quinn’s The Voice, Miriam Makeba’s The Click Song, Peter Skellern’s You’re A Lady, Charles Trenet’s La Mer, Bennachie by Old Blind Dogs, Dick Powell’s Lulu’s Back In Town, and They Can’t Take That Away From Me.

Throughout the hour-long show, which aired on the day of the NHS’s 73rd birthday, Charles thanks volunteers from hospital, health, and wellness radio stations for their efforts in keeping communities connected and patients amused during the coronavirus epidemic.

Clarence House will publish a Spotify playlist with the complete list of songs on social media in addition to broadcasting it across 180 member stations of the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA).

He also chose Don’t Rain On My Parade by Barbra Streisand, and remembers seeing the singer perform aboard stage at Warner Bros Studios as a young officer on HMS Jupiter.

Speaking about the latter, Charles said: “It is a prayer for those divine qualities of beauty, peace and harmony to be reflected in our own lives.

“That is my prayer for us all, as I close with my warmest possible good wishes to everyone in the hospital radio service, in the National Health Service and to all patients and their loved ones.”

He also told the show: “At all times, hospital radio provides an invaluable service to patients, staff and families.

“During current times, when we have been dealing with the effect of this dreadful pandemic, the role of hospital radio has been even more important, and I know it has been of immeasurable value in connecting people, in providing comfort and companionship, and in raising people’s spirits when that is needed.”

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