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Camilla’s title when Prince Charles becomes King


Camilla’s title when Prince Charles becomes King


As a result of her marriage to Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been a senior active member of the Royal family for years, but she may never be queen.

Prince Charles is the first in line to the British throne after the Queen dies or abdicates.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is likely to be his consort, but her son, Tom Parker-Bowles, says it’s unclear if she’ll be referred to as “Queen.”

The legacy of Princess Diana in the United Kingdom, as well as the reality that Charles and Camilla’s affair became public, render matters far more complex. Before Charles and Camilla married in 2005, it was revealed that if and when Charles ascends to the throne, Camilla will be recognized as Princess Consort, not Queen. The Prince of Wales’s website has previously set out this title.

In theory, Camilla can use female versions of Prince Charles’ titles. She was entitled to the title of Princess of Wales since Charles is the Prince of Wales.

According to the Express, Camilla would not use this title out of respect for the late Princess Diana, who was regarded as such for many years.


When Camilla and Prince Charles declared their engagement in 2005, the royal family was abuzz with questions regarding Camilla’s title.

According to a statement released by Buckingham Palace in 2005 confirming the couple’s marriage, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall will be recognized as “Princess consort” — not “Queen” — when Prince Charles takes the throne.

This title had previously been laid out on the Prince of Wales’s website.

“Will the Duchess become Queen when The Prince becomes King?” According to the Telegraph, read the site’s frequently asked questions portion.

“As was explained at the time of their wedding in April 2005, it is intended that The Duchess will be known as HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales Accedes to The Throne.”

Clarence House secretly deleted this question and answer from the FAQs a few years ago, sparking speculation that the Duchess of Cornwall would assume the role of Queen. However, a few other questions were apparently removed as well, and a spokesperson for the Palace told the Telegraph, “Our Frequently Asked Questions are updated regularly. This is one question that Clarence House has not been asked by the public for some time, which is why it no longer features .”

Even Camilla’s son is uncertain whether his mother would succeed to the throne. Tom Parker-Bowles told The Times, “I honestly don’t know if Mum will be called queen. That hasn’t been decided. There are a lot of interesting Sky documentaries about that I’m sure, but I honestly don’t know if that’s true. ”

Prince Charles, on the other hand, hasn’t ruled out giving his wife the title of Queen. Brian Williams asked Prince Charles in 2010 whether Camilla will become “Queen of England, if and when you become the monarch.”  Charles answered, “That’s, well … We’ll see won’t we? That could be.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Otonye Okutuate

    May 5, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    Why is everyone still nursing the hope that Prince Charles would one day be king? To what end… Just for the history books? The more dignified thing for Prince Charles, would be for Prince William to be crowned king.

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