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Angelina Jolie not happy with Brad Pitt child custody win


Angelina Jolie not happy with Brad Pitt child custody win


Since their September 2016 breakup, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor, 57, and Jolie, 47, have been fighting in court for custody of Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 12. On May 13, Judge John Ouderkirk issued a provisional custody order, stating that the ex-couple will spend equal time with their children.

According to court records acquired by US, “[Jolie’s] testimony lacked credibility in many important areas, and the existing custody order between the parties must be modified, per Mr. Pitt’s request, in the best interests of the children.”

Brad Pitt has just won a major win in his child custody battle with Angelina Jolie, and she has suffered a significant setback. A court recently issued a provisional judgement in the case, granting Brad and Angelina shared legal and physical custody of their five younger children on a 50/50 basis. Maddox is 19 years old and is exempt from the ruling.

A source exclusively tells Us Weekly, “Maddox has already given testimony as an adult in the ongoing custody dispute, and it wasn’t very flattering to Brad.” “He doesn’t use Pitt as his last name on documents that aren’t legal and instead uses Jolie. Maddox wants to legally change his last name to Jolie, which Angelina has said she doesn’t support.”

Angelina had been vying for sole custody and only wanted supervised visits with Brad at the time, but the court ruled that her assertions that Brad was not a fit parent lacked credibility after multiple witnesses, including psychiatrists, testified in the trial.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 after Brad allegedly got into a violent altercation with one of their children on a private airplane. He became alienated from all of the children at one time and was eventually granted supervised visits. This is a significant legal triumph for Pitt.


Angelina Jolie believes the court failed her when her children were not permitted to testify in the case that resulted in Brad Pitt being given shared custody. According to Page Six, a source close to her stated she objected not to the custody judgment, but to a lack of ‘care for her family.’ The actress also stated that the court did not ‘take into account the full set of issues that affect her family.’

‘The custody schedule was always determined by the court,’ the source explained. ‘It’s sad that Brad’s people are gloating about a potential win when beating a system that exists to protect families and children from issues that harm their well-being is not something to brag about.’

They emphasized that Jolie wasn’t only attempting to deny Pitt, 57, time with his children. ‘The heart of this dispute has not been about keeping the children apart from their father, it’s been Angelina asking for care for her family,’ they continued. ‘Her motivations have never been to deny the children a relationship with their father.’

Jolie’s filing in court of proof of alleged domestic violence by Pitt, which The Blast revealed she wanted to submit back in March, complicated the court battle between the exes.

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