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Brad Pitt ‘heartbroken’ by Angelina Jolie abuse Allegations

Although Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are already legally divorced, they are still battling over custody of their six children. Getty Images


Brad Pitt ‘heartbroken’ by Angelina Jolie abuse Allegations


Brad Pitt is said to be “heartbroken” at charges of domestic violence made by ex-wife Angelina Jolie in newly filed court documents that were leaked to the public last week. The former Hollywood power couple divorced in 2016, but they are currently fighting for custody of their six children in court. Pitt, 57, and Jolie, 45, dated for over a decade before marrying in 2014, and they have been officially separated since April 2019.

Jolie, 45, filed court paperwork on March 12 stating that she and her children are eager to testify and provide “proof and authority in support” of her claims against Pitt, 57.

Pitt is now “heartbroken” that Angelina Jolie has chosen that path. ‘There’s a lot of emotion left after their marriage,’ a source close to the actor told Page Six, before adding that Pitt has accepted responsibility for his actions and is in a different place now that he’s quit drinking. Jolie, on the other hand, refuses to follow his lead and accept responsibility for her shortcomings.

“He has taken responsibility for his actions and owned up to his past issues, he’s stopped drinking.

“The marriage was very passionate and toxic at times and — like all couples — they had fights, but also shared many good times together.

“He has talked about his drink and drug problems during the time they were together.”


Despite her legal team’s assertions to the contrary, the insider says that during their almost 15-year relationship, Pitt was never arrested or prosecuted for domestic abuse. Pitt and their 19-year-old son, Maddox, had a physical altercation, but he feels the leak is a personal assault on him.

‘Brad and his camp has never attacked Angelina. But his camp feels this leak was calculated to sway opinion ahead of the conclusion of their trial,’ the source said.

‘Brad feels like he’s being more and more isolated from his children, and he’s devastated about it.’

Pitt and Jolie have remained silent about the documents alleging Pitt’s abuse. The leak, according to an Entertainment Tonight source, was an attempt by Jolie to shift “the narrative when it suits her.” “There have never been any other records, police reports, or even accusations until it suited her case.” the insider stated, referring to the 2016 allegation.

The trial is expected to conclude next month, and the judge — whom Jolie has sought and failed to remove from the case — will make a decision on custody. Judge John W. Ouderkirk, who married Pitt and Jolie, has rejected any personal bias or prejudice against any of the parties or attorneys involved in this case.

The children have been interrogated by court-appointed therapists, according to sources.

Maddox has ‘already given testimony as [an] adult in the ongoing custody dispute and it wasn’t very flattering towards Brad.’

According to another insider, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star feels Jolie is “weaponizing their children in a last-ditch effort to gain a favorable outcome that will allow her to move the kids out of Los Angeles at her whim, without Brad’s approval or knowledge.” Pitt “never” struck Jolie or their children, according to one source. “The kids have had endured so much trauma and this is just piling it on, but it’s out of Brad’s control,” the source claimed. “The time for compromise is over. He is done and won’t be manipulated by her ever again.”

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